Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tallinn, Estonia

My dear Katy sent me this FANTASTIC train postcard!! As lovely as it can be!

It shows a photograph taken back on 19 August, 1924 and if im not wrong, it can nowadays be seen at the Nõmme Museum which is located in one wing of the historical Nõmme Railway Station, and it introduces the history of Nõmme as an independent town in the period 1926 – 1940 and also the earlier years of the area from the foundation of Nõmme by Nikolai von Glehn at the end of the 19th century. The exhibits have been gathered from the inhabitants of Nõmme and received from Tallinn City Museum, where some of the collections of the first Nõmme Museum were stored. In addition to permanent exposition temporary exhibitions are also held at the museum.

and for the complete pleasure, Katy added train stamps too! <3. It was issued in 2000, representing the Viljandi-Tallinn railway.

Thank you so much Katy!!

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Sreisaat said...

I love trains and this postcard made me miss riding in them. The stamps are also great :)