Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sheep, Ireland

Well, since both of the cards represent Irish sheep, I decided to include them together in one post.

the first card came as a swap...and it shows a fantastic scene of sheep at the Dunquin Pier, on the Dingle Peninsula...quite an interesting path to climb.

these sheep here come from the Derryclare Lough in Connemara...

Have you noticed the beauty of the Irish cards? Not just coz of the scenery...but they simply make them in a way, that these cards look stunning...they have great photography, lovely colours, clear images...I wish our printing houses/photographers paid more attention to pretty sure we would have much more amazing cards to offer.

This second card comes from the Ireland vs Other Countries RR...and arrived written and stamped.

the stamp is probably the most common one you would see on Irish cards..or at least the flower theme is common on the Irish stamps...this one is from a set of 3 Wild Flowers' stamps issued in 2008, representing the Sea aster.

thank you for following, and if you are anticipating Friday as much as I am, im wishing you a great fulfilling weekend!

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