Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prijedor, Rep. Srpska (BiH)

As for my last card today, ill take you to Bosnia, or more precisely, Republika, as usual, i dont wanna go into politics here and discuss claims of territories and recognized states...all i want is to show you the card coz its a really nice one...

Prijedor is the third largest town in Republika Srpska and along with its region, it has been known for not such a great past, coz it has suffered numerous mass murders and it has also been a place of mass rape executions of the people.
Well, with this bridge and the river, reminds me of Skopje a bit...esp. regarding some postcards.

I must say that the stamps are very beautiful as well. The smaller stamp is from a set of 4 definitives from 2008, representing the flora of Republika Srpska, this one in particular shows the Gentiana asclepiadea.  The other stamp is a commemorative one from a set of 2, belonging to the European Protection issue and here you can see the Ugar River Canyon.

Ive looked at some other Republika Srpska stamps, and i must say i find them reaaally nice!

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Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, I like your Republika Srpska card and stamps. Enough so that I will have to try and add that country or entity to my collection. Wish me luck.