Private Swaps

* I am truly sorry but I am not able to do any private swaps for the time being. Thank you for understanding! *

Interested in swapping postcards or covers? Cool!
In order to get things better organized, instead of leaving messages at the blog, please send me an email at:

privateswaps [at] gmail [dot] com

In the email, please include (all fields are mandatory):
- your name
- the country where you come from
- link to a blog or blogs, if you have any
- your request
- your offer
- how did you get to know about me and my blog (I am sorry, but due to security reasons, I dont feel like giving my address just to anyone). In case you can provide references from someone *I* know, perfect.
In case I have a reason not to feel at ease in giving you my address, then I have the full right not to do it. 

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Sorry if it seems too complicated or too demanding, but I do somehow need to take care of the privacy issues since I have a real reason to do so..... in case you honestly want to swap, this whole thing shouldnt be a problem to you. And it is also easier for me to manage swap requests like this. 
Thanks for understanding and hope to meet you in the mailbox! :)