Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tirol, Austria

A card which came as a surprise from Goran....who due to that probably, also didnt say a word he was going to Austria :)

And here are some fantastic snowy views...and when you look at them, you just immediately forget what a nuisance and hassle the snow can be, but you just wish it snowed right there, at an instant....well, instead of snow, i got LOADS of rain, which TOTALLY disrupted my plans for today....but it is not as if it is the first time happening either way.....
Tirol (or Tyrol, whichever you prefer) is a federal state of Austria and located in the Western part of the country between Italy and the Southern part of Germany. Its scenery is strongly influenced by Alpine mountains. The highest moutains of Tirol are the Ortler (3905 m), Königspitze (king's top) in Southern Tirol, the Grossglockner (3798 m) in Eastern Tirol and the Wildspitze (wild top) in den Ötztaler Alps in Northern Tirol.
Which of those are exactly shown on the card, I honestly have no idea

The stamp is from a set of 3, issued in 2007 and it shows a Christmas Rose.

Hvala ti Gorane još jednom :)

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