Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lali Riddle

This is the kind of cards i fell in love with immediately, but just somewhere in January, I was lucky enough to receive my first one...well I actually received two! :D
The Lali Riddle the name itself tells you, they are cards with a Riddle that needs to be solved, and so far ive only seen these in German, though I think they exist in English as well.
The riddle on this one goes "Wer ist hier wohl am Falschen Platz"? or "Who is here probably in the wrong place"? No, its not some hard riddles these cards are, but i really think they are cool and fun and I just simply love them!
The worst thing is that when I went to Germany, I actually DID see these as i as well saw the Nouvelles Images too, but was in this, ok, ill find them somewhere else or ill buy them on my way back...I couldnt find them at another place and with my fabulous sense of orientation, i had no idea where i saw them the first time...yeah, big minus for me...coz otherwise, right now i would have had a whole pile of Lali Riddle cards.

And in case you dont know the answer to the Lali Riddle, on the back of the card, in the top left corner, there is a small square which hides the answer, you just need to scratch off the layer...however, i dont feel like scratching it off...feels like ruining the card...and i found the right answer either way....if anyone else wants try, give it a go :)

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