Sunday, July 13, 2008


I can freely say that the percentage of map cards is slightly increasing and thats good! :)

A lovely Canadian colourful and picturesque......

Apart from the beautiful scenery, one of the things which has fascinated me about Canada, are certain states' names...they just sound soooo cool and sooo interesting and appealing to my ear...I think Saskatchewan would come in first place, then there is Nova Scotia ('nova' in Macedonian means 'new'), then Yukon, Winnipeg...New Foundland and Labrador...I cant really explain it, but I LOVE these names being applied to a place for living :))


Martinha said...

Those are funny names :P
Nova also means new in portuguese.

Ana said...

ahh, thats a new word to add to my Portuguese, thanks :)

sam stevenson said...

Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin.
Saskatchewan comes from the Cree word Kisiskatchewani Sipi which means Swift-Flowing River.
Manitoba is fiiiilled with lakes and its name comes from a Cree word meaning "lake of the prairies"