Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chişinău, Moldova

Yaaay, my very first card from Moldova! And a written and stamped one!

I dont know about the average Moldova cards, but this one is pretty unusual, regarding the size...i dont see cards of this format very often...actually i almost never see them...but it is not a bad card at all!
It shows the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Chişinău, built during the years of the Soviet Union. The theatre has superb equipment and facilities; and it has established itself as one of the leading ballet companies in Eastern Europe. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, this theatre was one of the few to retain its own ballet, opera and orchestra, with its own soloists and chorus.

And what a lovely stamp! Gogol!!! It was issued in 2009, in a set of 4 stamps, commemorating the anniversaries of famous people (the other 3 stamps show Eugen Ionescu, Eufrosinia Kersnovskaia and Darwin.

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Airforce family cabral said...
i really like this postcard. its interesting