Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baghdad, Iraq

time for a new update! YAY! well blame it on the rainy Saturday night..and my lack of desire to do anything else...after the latest episode today with my new postman, ive been feeling all down and just soo devastated...well I think I never actually told you the story to begin, yeah, I have a new postman...I knew my old one was about to retire, I just didn't really know when it was going to happen..and it was like a month ago when this new guy came to my door to bring me a small package...took me a while to figure out he was actually a know, young guy, jeans, t-shirt, tattoos, some old car..quite a bizarre situation, but i was like, ok, no problem, he looks cool...he came the following day again, cos of course, he again had to bring something I had to sign, and that's when I realized that I hadn't received a single card or letter for a long while so this is how the conversation went..., "ermm, aren't there any postcards for me?" to which he gave me this look and said, yeeeeeeees, there aaaareeeee...I was a bit puzzled and told him, "errmm, can you like please BRING them to me?????"
it was odd to me that I had to ask about it in the first place and that I got such a cool answer and that he didn't really bother about he promised to bring them the following day, to which I added that he shouldnt be waiting for a whole pile to gather and bring them all at once..he fulfilled his promise and I thought he learned the lesson...but how naive I was..
Some days later, my mum went to the PO since we hadn't received bills either, and my mum is really zealous in paying those things on, she didn't find the bills (they told her they have been dispatched time ago, so God knows where they were), but she told me there was some pile of mail for me...however, she couldn't get them for me without my ID or anything..the next day, to my utter surprise, I got a call from the PO that there is some mail for me and I should go and pick it up..when I  asked how come the postman cannot bring them, I got this lousy excuse of 'he is a new guy, he doesn't know things, so we are calling people'...I went to get them, got two or three things I have ordered, but when I asked if there are maybe some postcards or letters,  the lady bitched at me with the attitude 'i cannot leave the desk, I have too much work to do, I cannot be wasting time looking for your mail', I wonder, if she cannot bother to look for it, and my postman cannot bother to bring it to me, how on Earth am I supposed to get my mail??!!
So I complained with the manager as well....that was one day before I went to the of course, after the complaint, the new guy came and craftily, without a notice, left them on our table in the garden...just like that, not in the mailbox, not a ring at the who cares if it starts raining or Kimi starts playing with them..since he loves sleeping on that table, day and night...anyways, that was like already two weeks sign of him again ever since...went to the PO today...asked for mail, got two packages I have sign of postcards...and I was so devastated, I almost started crying right there at the counter...cos it is simply IMPOSSIBLE that I have no piece of mail for two weeks..IMPOSSIBLE...even at times I wasn't active, I would always get at least a surprise card or something from someone...and now that I kind of got back into swaps and the official site again, she tells me there is nothing for me..I would bet my life on the fact that there IS some mail for me...but hell knows where those pieces of mail are..the lady like denied he could be keeping it with him...but she didnt like seem interested to resolve the issue....and I am deprived of one of the things that really brightens up my days cos of some irresponsible moron out there...yeah, at first it was like funny, now i so much despise this guy, I cannot explain it to you...if this is how it's going to be on the long run, I really dont know what to do since obviously no particular measures can be undertaken, even though I complained several times...and I am just solution-less on this issue =/
Maybe after the complaint today he will come next week..but such, one-time short-term solutions are NOT gonna resolve the issue..
Yeah, sorry for all that yada-dada, but Im really bummed...and today was just like cherry on top =/

So, maybe now I can get down to why you are actually here in the first place...postcards!!
And the ones for today are a bit older, but I think they are more than worth it to be posted...

Recently I arranged a swap with Hasnan from Iraq, and that reminded me that I received this one like four years it is about time to post it and make room for some new Iraqi cards coming ;-)

Duh, I hate it when there is absolutely no explanation on the back of the card about what's really shown here, and how am I supposed to figure it all out, hmm?
Now my, khm khm, great, khm khm, research skills, have come up with disastrous results...but let's the middle, you can see the Baghdad TV Tower, previously known as the International Saddam Tower)..the top right picture shows the Al-Mustansiriya University established in 1963....aaaaaand, geez people, that's all I know about this card! Awful!!
Any readers from Iraq here? Or someone who maybe has the same card and succeeded in figuring out what all these pictures represent? Or anyone with better googling skills than mine? If yes, to any of the above questions, please leave a comment with the may be late to incorporate those in the post, but I'd really like to learn more about what we have here...thank you in advance!

a stamp from a set of 3 issued in 2008 called One Nation

heh, cannot believe that it's been actually more than 4 years since I've received this card...time flies...

Lofoten, Norway

ahh Norway, I've missed you on this make it up, I have four gorgeous Norwegian cards for today, coming from somewhere in Lofoten...and all four have arrived as surprises from dear Sissel!
Again, we have some older cards here...but before I get down to those beauties, I'd like to share a song I accidentally came across few months ago...and which was the first step in discovering this fantastic band called Beach House...the song was of course called "Norway", which is what drew my attention to it, besides the interesting here it is for you to take a listen if you want to...

did you notice that the person singing is actually a lady??! Personally I realized that only when I read online about the band's biography...i was all, 'you gotta be kidding me'!! but then, that's what adds even more beauty to this band...cos it feels so unique and specific...and I just love it! Such tranquil and relaxing thanks to Norway, I have this new band occupying my playlists...

and now, finally down to the cards...damn, I seem to be doing so much rambling today....

Gosh...this view makes my heart is soo breathtakingly stunning that it hurts!!
It shows the Henningsvær fishing village in the Lofoten archipelago...received in 2011...Im sure it is still as beautiful as when this photo was taken

stamp is from the set of 2 EUROPA stamps issued in 2011 on the subject of Forests.

received in 2010....

...and I find this one a bit funny...cos this is a village simply called Å ..yep, you read it right "Å"...why would you name a village like that? but I guess it does have something unique in it...located at the tip of Lofoten and until the 1990s, it was mainly a small fishing village specializing in stockfish, but since then tourism has taken over as the main economic activity....Sissel asked me here if Im tired of Lofoten yet...hah, even though this question was asked exactly four years ago, my answer is still one big NO NO NO :D

first there are two definitives...the first one probably issued in 1997, and the second one, probably in 2001...the last stamp is from a set of two issued in 2010, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Norwegian University of Technology and Science

From the Arctic Norway series...

this is a glimpse of the Hamnøy village...another small and beautiful Norwegian fishing village

the stamp was issued in 2010, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Norwegian Press Association - Freedom of Speech. Norwegians are really doing great regarding Freedom of Speech...Macedonia on the other hand is terrible, simply terrible in that regard...and that really pisses me off =/

and another stunningly beautiful image...

the card shows Reine...and wanna guess?? yes, another fishing village :D
The largest weekly magazine in Norway (Allers) selected Reine as the most beautiful village in Norway in the late 1970s

With the exception of Henningsvær, which is located on the Austvågøya island, the other three places are all located on the Moskenesøya island.

some great older stamps! first one is from a set of 4 millenium stamps issued in 1999. Then we have three beautiful Folk dancing stamps issued in 1976. Next is a stamp issued in the distant 1955 in a set of two, representing the Coronation of King Haakon VII (1905). The last one was issued in 1982, representing the 25th Anniversary of the Reign of King Olav V.

Sissel, sending you many many many hugs! Though no hugs would be enough for all the gorgeous stuff you have ever sent me!


a nice Argentinian map card...even though the map doesn't really come into perspective here...the images somewhat 'distract' the attention...but still, I love it! And it is like my one and only map card from Argentina so far!

as for the images...well ok, I can guess the 'tango', and 'Patagonia'...and the Iguazú Falls...and those colourful houses could probably be from Buenos Aires, though im not 100% sure.
Well, much much better guessing here compared to the Iraqi card...

three nice stamps...the first two were issued in 2008...the tree stamp commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Forestry in Argentina, while the other one is from a set of 6 stamps representing tourist attractions...on this one you can see Ushuaia. Oh boy now I remembered..I am waiting for a card from first one from there...and I was soo much looking forward to it...but now I start wondering if that human being that calls himself a postman, will ever bring it to me... the last stamp was issued in 2009, in a set of two stamps, representing the International Stamp Exhibition ITALIA 2009 - Rome, italy - though on the stamp you can see the Teatro Colon in Buenos Im a bit confused, but oh's not like it's the first time..

Vladivostok, Russia

ok, one more card for, sorry...that would be, one more POST for today but three cards....

all three show the Tokarevskaya Koshka lighthouse in Vladivostok,. All three received last year...

this spectacular card was sent by Maria...I don't know if the colours are real, or it has been a bit photoshopped, but it is not like I really care, cos this final product is just pure perfection!

It is named for Capt. M.J. Tokarev, whose ship surveyed the area in 1862-63. In recent years the tower has been dwarfed by a huge modern tower that carries power lines across the Vladivostok harbor entrance. Located at the end of a mole at the entrance to Vladivostok harbor and at the extreme southwestern tip of the Egersheld Peninsula. Accessible in good weather by a hike of about 3 km (2 mi) from the end of the city's bus line. However, the access to the lighthouse is underwater at high tide.

and wouldn't you be squealing with excitement when you see that your lighthouse card comes with a matching lighthouse stamp??? I know I do  *blush*
It was issued in 2010, to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the City of Vladivostok. Well they really picked the perfect subject for the commemoration.
The other two are the set of 2008 definitives


this one is an official....the lighthouse at the background you can see the bridge to the Russkiy island.

and again a fantastic match, since Elena, the sender, also used the Vladivostok besides another definitive, she also used another lovely lighthouse stamp, from a set of 3 issued in 2005 - this one represents the Mudyugsky lighthouse


another version of the lighthouse that arrived as an official...the lighthouse in its winter glory....yeah, there is some special mysterious charming feeling about lighthouses in winter, in the midst of frozens seas....

there is a 2008 definitive at the the top, on the left side is a stamp issued in 2012, commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Reunification of the Russian State, while the other one is from 2009, from a set of 4 stamps representing the Solovetskie Islands, and this stamp here shows the St.-Troitky church.

No objection, Russia has one of the most beautiful stamp issues!

Thanks for reading...hope you liked the posts today...sorry for the excessive rambling though :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cayman Islands

On this 31st day of the month, when we are about to bid farewell to August, I'd like to use my current good will and mood and post a few cards before we roll into September...seriously, ever since I've come back from the astronomy camp I've been doing nothing but idle, eat and sleep...and stare at some blank point in front of me...I don't remember when was the last time I felt so apathetic about stuff and life in general...but I think that this anxiety attack last night did get me sober, and got me back on track somewhat...well, the fact I've been all excited about writing and life today is an actual proof...and it does feel good to be back :)

I will give you more insight about the camp in some of the future a few words for was FREAKING GOOD! They should definitely happen more than just once per year...but the prospects for now are that the next astronomy camp will happen one year from now...well, better something than nothing I guess...

and after a bit of rambling, as it usually goes, lets get down to business...and a great surprise card from the Cayman Islands, sent by Glenn last arrived here in January though...ohh, now this reminded me I haven't really told you the latest stories about my new postman, but I think I've usurped enough of the chit-chat space for this post so, remind me next time :)

the card shows the so-called Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman...I love it cos it is all soft and sandy...the beach at the astronomy camp wasn't sandy...and no, it wasn't seven miles long...but it was just perfect at 9 am when there was just me, myself and I there...and the waves...what more can you ask for?

don't you sometimes think that she is just omnipresent?! though at least these stamps are much much nicer than the ones issued in GB...issued in 2012 in a set of 4 stamps commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Accesion of her Majesty....

thanks a lot Glenn!!

Corsica, France

Corsica...even nowadays, still sometimes my mind first thinks of Italy and not France...probably cos it is somewhat closer to Italy than France...and it is like a perfect piece to add and have the Sicily-Sardinia-Corsica trio..but thing is, when some ideas are so incorporated into your mind, it is really difficult to get read of them...

Here you can see the fortress in the town of Corte, where German prisoners used to be kept during WWI.
Corte used to be the capital of the Corsican independent state during the period of Pasquale Paoli, while nowadays it is considered as a major university town in Corsica.
a cute agriculture-related stamp, issued in 2013, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the International Agricultural Show in Paris

now I also have this map card of Corsica...and your task is to find Corte :)

you notice that the top right corner is torn, no?
but would you believe me if I tell you that it arrived in an envelope and wasn't sent w/s?
yep, you read that right...I know many people collect only cards sent in an envelope, where one of the reasons is that without an envelope they often get damaged during transport...but here is something to burst the bubble...yeah, sorry to disappoint you that no mailing system is damage-proof...

speaking of damaged cards...I received this absolutely gorgeous one from Germany last week..but boy, I don't even wanna think of the torture it has gone through during its journey...I'll show it to you one day :)

btw, managed to find Corte on the map?

Košice, Slovakia

mmmm, been a while since I've posted a Slovakian card, so here comes one...

I was supposed to go to an SOL seminar in Slovakia at the beginning of August...but obviously I didn' myself a number of excuses...and now when I look back, none of them seems relevant...then a friend and I wanted to make a trip to Bratislava...but that failed as for now, Slovakia and I are still not meant to meet...

the card isn't about Bratislava though, but it shows the Chess Square in Košice, the biggest town in eastern Slovakia...and I love it! And if Im not mistaken, this is my only card from Košice so far so that makes me extra happy :D
Funny though, finding information on it was like a the point where I started wondering if the card really is from Košice, or Im seeing things wrongly...and I still doubt the correct answer.....

the stamp got a bit torn during its is a definitive from a set of 11 stamps issued in 2009, representing the Cultural Heritage of Slovakia...if I got it right, this one shows the Premonstratensian Monastery of Virgin Mary in Bina.