Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dambulla Rock Temple, Sri Lanka

well, as promised, here comes a new update shortly after the previous one....actually I planned to do it over the weekend, but for some reason Photbucket was having some issues (so in case you dropped by and all you could see were blank images, blame it on Photobucket, not me...)

on a side note, my assumptions regarding the most disappointing interview I have ever had, proved to be true and one really needs to have connections for everything....today I got that dreaded call of "I am sorry but we have chosen someone else..."  Oh well...

anyways, I will start today's update with a card dear Sissel sent me 4 years ago from her trip to Sri Lanka - I don't know if I had mentioned this previously, but I have kinda decided to start focusing more on the older cards cos otherwise, I will like never get to post them.....I will show some of the new ones received as well, however, the ratio would probably be more in favour to the older ones...

Sissel sent me this amazing Dambulla Rock Temple, a UNESCO whs in the central part of the country.
It is the largest and best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka with rock towers 160 m over the surrounding plains.There are more than 80 documented caves in the surrounding area and the major attractions are spread over five caves, which contain statues and paintings related to Gautama Buddha and his life. There are a total of 153 Buddha statues, three statues of Sri Lankan kings and four statues of gods and goddesses. The latter include Vishnu and the Ganesha. The murals cover an area of 2,100 square metres. Depictions on the walls of the caves include the temptation by the demon Mara, and Buddha's first sermon.

Prehistoric Sri Lankans would have lived in these cave complexes before the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka as there are burial sites with human skeletons about 2700 years old in this area, at Ibbankatuwa near the Dambulla cave complexes.

two stamps from the 2007 Constellations' issue of 12 stamps - here are the Aquarius and the Libra.

Tusen takk Sissel!!!!

Our Old-Time Freight Train Eqpm't, USA

ok, this is like the only newer card for today, sent recently by Bryon....

this is a piece of art by Gregory Lee Blackstock, who among else is well-known for such visual lists...and I must say I find them really cool...kinda remind me of the Novelles Images.

Born in 1946, Gregory L. Blackstock, a retired Seattle pot washer, draws order out of all the chaos with a pencil, a black marker, and some crayons.
Blackstock is autistic and an artistic savant. He creates visual lists of everything from wasps to hats to emergency vehicles to noisemakers. In the spirit of the Outsider art of Henry Darger and Howard Finster, Blackstock makes art that is stirring in its profusion and detail and inspiring in its simple beauty.
He has never received formal artistic training, yet his renderings clearly and beguilingly show subtle differences and similaritiesenabling the viewer to see, for example, the distinctive features of a dolly varden, a Pacific Coast steelhead cutthroat, and fourteen other types of trout.

this particular card shows the "Our Old-Time Freight Train Eqmp't" dating from 2007, done in graphite, crayon and permanent market on paper.

really cool, dont you think?

The Moon stamp issued this year.

Thank you Bryon for introducing me to such a cool artist!! :)

Trains, Czech Republic

well, get ready for a longish post full of train cards from the Czech Republic, all coming with a whole variety of lovely Czech stamps....and you know, it was while selecting the cards for this post that I realized the huge number of Czech train cards I have received...my initial idea was like to post them all but that turned out absolutely inconvenient...so I decided to stick to a small part of it...

and first comes a card I received from Monika last year...
This illustration, showing the 220.1, the oldest locomotive in the Czech Republic, produced in 1858 and it was issued as a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first train to Prague Masaryk Station.

the stamp on the left was issued in 1995 in a set of two 'Homeland' stamps, with this one showing the Panska Skala, also known as the Lord's Rock, while the other stamp was issued in 2013, commemorating th 400th Anniversary of the Bible of Kralice.

Next is a card I received from Katka in 2012...

The modern blue and white one is called Pendolino and is considered as the fastest train in the Czech Republic (well at least it was when this card was mailed). The other one is a regular train (and as Katka says, not very comfortable), bearing the logo of Poštovní spořitelna, one of the banks in the country...so it is something like an advertisement train...

both stamps here were issued in 2011....the one on the left was issued in 2011 for the Children's Day, showing the Little Witch, a feature film by Zdeněk Smetana...the other one is from the Young Animals series and shows the European Hamster.

The title of this one translates into "Full Steam ahead into the New Year"...I don't know if this was meant as a New Year greeting card or what, but I do like the correlation :)

sent by Radana for the Favourites Tag in 2013, this card shows the 354 195, CSD Steam locomotive, manufactured in 1925 by ČKD (Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk).

a beautiful car stamp showing the Mercedes Benz 540, manufactured in 1936. the stamp is from a set of 6 Classic Cars stamps issued in 2012.

This steam engine was sent by Milan on the very last day in 2010 for the Czecho-Slovakia meets the world tag...

it shows the U 46.001 Steam Engine train on one of the few narrow-gauge railways in the Czech Republic, near the town of Jindřichův Hradec in South Bohemia.

3 stamps here (don't be fooled by the big one which came with the...well, I dont know if this is the vignette or the selvage but it comes as a nice addition - the stamp in question was issued in 2010, and it is from a joint issue with Luxembourg, commemorating the 700th Anniversary of the Succession of Luxembourg to the Czech Throne.
The one on the right is from 2000 from the Zodiac series, representing the Virgo, while the flower stamp is from a set of two issued in 2007.
It's been a while since I've seen Milan around, I hope he is doing fine :)

One from Radim for the June-November RR in 2012...

the card shows the IC 141 "Detvan" Praha-Zvolen train, which has just left the Ústí nad Orlicí station on 14 September 2006.
The 151014-8  Locomotovie (the Prague depot) in the Czech Railways was the only locomotive of this series, which had the advertising painting of Poštovní spořitelna in of 2006. Five other locomotives of the series 362/363 propagated also this company, while other vehicles were then given advertising stickers of this financial institution.

a stamp issued for the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

And a train card which I often confuse with the one above since they like bear the same colours and I often get to confuse them, but just now I realized it is because of that famous Poštovní spořitelna that they are advertising...

Sent in 2014 from someone called Erika or something...on behalf of Goran...and now I cant recall if I have ever figured out which Goran was in question here, since I know two who could potentially be involved in such a surprise...so I dont know now if i had ever thanked the right Goran...shame on me =/

from the back of the card:
Six red yellow locomotives (advertising colors of Poštovní spořitelna) were seen in 2006 on the Czech rails. It was three locomotives of the series 362, two locomotives of the series 363 and a locomotive of the series 151. The color scheme came from the Konting advertising studio.
On 13 September 2006, the locomotive 362121-6  Locomotive (from the Brno depot) was seen at the front of the fast train R 878 Brno - Česká Třebová, Praha near the stop Tatce.

and a fantastic Mucha stamp issued in 2010 in a set of two, commemorating 150 years since his birth !!

now comes a card that I dont know what did it actually go through on its journey, to arrive in such a condition in the end..


This express steam train dates back to 1917, which for that time was considered as the company's largest and most modern machine and had its last journey somewhere in the mid-60s.

at least the stamps didn't suffer some greater damage....three nice ones...starting from the left, issued in 2010, from the "For the Children" series, here we have a stamp commemorating Helena Zmatlíková, one of the leading Czech female illustrators of children's books.
In the middle there is a Chrysantemum stamp issued in 2011, and at the right we have the Christmas stamp from 2011.

Hope you are holding on, since there are three cards left....


an official card, showing the CD 715 001 (T426 001) rack diesel locomotive.

a nice stamp issued in 2013 commemorating Franz Kafka on a stamp which portrays a realistic-looking beetle. As a symbol of relentless metamorphosis, not always for the better, the beetle is set in austere, even unsympathetic modules.

Another card from Radim...

...where again you can see the Pendolino...

...and two nice stamps on the back..the one on the left is from the EUROPA issue from 1999 on National Parks, and here you can see the Šumava National Park. The other stamp was issued in 2007 and comes from a fantastic sheet on which the White Carpathian Mountains and Orchid Meadows Unesco Biosphere Reservation. On this particular stamp you can see the Ophrys holosericea.

aaaand as promised few cards above, here comes the last one for today..


an official card sent by the Raab Family, showing the 310 006 Locomotive..

...which came with three lovely stamps (in case you have followed this post from start till end, maybe you noticed that all the stamps shown were different, no repetitions or such :)).
Anyways, the first stamp is from a set of three Old Aeroplanes, issued in 1996. The middle one was issued in 2003, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First Electric Railroad Connection, while the last one is from 2000, showing a train from 1900 with a steam locomotive, service coach and carriages for passengers - it is from the set of two stamps for the Transport issue, comparing the Railway of 1900 and 2000.

so, no more trains for today, promise :D

Monterrey, Mexico

as I said, no more trains for today :)

received in 2009...yep, 2009 indeed, from Jhonatan, as a result of a private swap....from the days when my mailbox would be all head-over-heels for receiving a card from Mexico :)
It may look like a single view, but actually it is a few iconic places in Monterrey combined in one picture, like for example the Commerce Beacon, the Fountain of Life, the Obispado Museum and the distinctive Saddle Mountain (or "El Cerro de la Silla").

the stamp is a definitive from a set of 4 issued in 2009, representing ceramic objects.

Podgorica, Montenegro

ok, one more card for today, sent by a long-absent postcrosser, but thanks to FB, I know he is doing just fine =)

The card shows the Church of St. George, which is the oldest Orthodox church in Podgorica, located at the foot of Gorica Hill, (that the town was named after). It was built between IX and XI century. During the turbulent history it had several repairs and rebuildings, so that its original look has not been fully preserved. The inside is decorated with frescoes that are the work of an anonymous artists.

Rajko used 3 nice stamps on this card...the two at the top were issued in 2010...the left one commemorates the 650th Anniversary of the Balsic Dinasty, while the other one is from a set of four Tourism stamps.
The bottom stamp was issued in 2011 in a set of two Art stamps (this one shows a painting by Vojo Stanić, a a Montenegrin painter and sculptor).

Hvala Riči na super razglednici i markice!!

So, that would be all for today folks! Till next time...