Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hello all and welcome to a new postcards' episode :)

I must admit I've been a bit lazy this past week, but hopefully I will get through today's update which will open with a card from Bolivia.

I received this one as part of some lottery, that from this perspective I remember nothing about (well it was like 6 years ago so no wonder).
From what I could understand, on the card you can see people removing coca leaves - yeah, coca not cocoa as I had misread.
Coca is any of the four cultivated plants in the family Erythroxylaceae, native to western South America. The plant is grown as a cash crop in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, even in areas where its cultivation is unlawful and it is well known throughout the world for its psychoactive alkaloid, cocaine. The UN Office of Drug Control estimated that 30,900 hectares of coca were planted in Bolivia in 2009, making Bolivia the third largest producer of coca after Colombia and Peru.
It is estimated that 35,148 of 54,608 metric tons produced in Bolivia is sold in unauthorized markets dominated by the cocaine trade, most of it from coca production in the Chapare (a rural province in Central Bolivia).

I wonder now if this card is legal in the first place :D

I love these huge cancellations, even though they sometimes give me the trouble having to delete the address and all without actually ruining the cancellation itself. As for the stamp, it is from a set of four stamps issued in 2008 for the 30th Anniversary of the Japan International Cooperation Agency in Bolivia.

Thanks a lot to Marisol for this card and I am really sorry I do not remember the exact lottery occasion for it.

Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

a card that Jasmin sent me as part of the Ireland vs the Wolrd RR on the PC forum - i find it a bit funny to receive a card from Bosnia for something with the name of Ireland as part of it :)))

The card shows the Una river which at total length of 212 km, flows both through Bosnia and Croatia.
In the background you can see the main bridge, and further in the back you can see both a church and a mosque.

There is also a movie titled Una, based on the book by Momo Kapor. You can watch it on YouTube, though unfortunately it has no English subtitles =/

probably like one of the most frequently used stamps from Bosnia from the set of 6 vegetable stamps issued in 2006.

Jasmine, hvala ti puno :)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

A surprise card from Jean Pierre

The card shows the Roundabout Monument in Abu Dhabi but I have no idea what's the whole deal about it and what's its actual significance (reminds me a lot of Skopje when it comes to useless and insignificant sculptures and monuments...)

the two stamps are from a stamp sheet issued in 2011 consisting of 6 stamps in total and commemorating the 31st Session of the GDD Supreme Council.

Thank you Jean-Pierre!!

Tam-shui River, Taiwan

Another river for today, this one running through Taipei, Taiwan's capital.

It is one of the few rivers in the island that flows along a north-south direction, with a total length of 159 km.
Unfortunately, it is heavily polluted by both raw sewage and industrial pollution from illegal industry. Clean up and natural river restoration is on the agenda of the Taipei City Government, Taiwan Central Government and several citizen organizations.

I guess a river couldn't really be proud of itself when among the scarce information you find about it, one refers to its pollution.
However, the view at dusk is really nice.

a lovely cat stamp from a set of four stamps issued in 2005 featuring cats and dogs.

Seattle, USA

The last post for today features two cards from Bryon that somehow I can relate to our current political situation...that is the Colourful Revolution that has been ongoing here for over a month.
I know that the foreign media are not really covering this event, so if you are curious to read more about what's going on, you can read the following article that wraps it up nicely

Colourful Revolution in Macedonia

And if you are wondering what's the relation of that Revolution to these cards...well they are also very colourful :)

The first card shows The Gum Wall in Seattle - yep, what you can see here is chewing gums indeed. I find it both super-cool and gross :)
It is a local landmark of Seattle in an alleyway in downtown of the city and was named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in 2009 - I mean, what else could one expect =)

Three nice stamps on the backside - the famous American clock is first, while the middle and the last stamp were both issued in 2011 - the first one for the Hanukkah and the latter for the Kwanzaa Festival.

This second card shows something that is also kinda typical about Seattle and that is a bunch of umbrellas in the streets cos of the frequent rains. Maybe it is not fun when it is raining so often, but the thing makes a really cool card :)

another bunch of nice stamps, featuring again the American clock at the bottom, while the top row of stamps starts with a fab George Gershwin stamp from a set of four American Art stamps issued in 1973. The middle one is from 2012 issued for the 100th Anniversary of Arizona Statehood while the last one is also from 2012 for the Distinguished Americans series, featuring José Ferrer, a Puerto Rican actor, theatre and film director.
He was the first Puerto Rican actor, as well as the first Hispanic actor, to win an Academy Award (in 1950 for Cyrano de Bergerac).

Well, Puerto Rico is a US territory after all...

Thanks a lot Bryon for both of these cards, they were kinda inspiring :)

And it is a bit early, but still, wishing you all a great weekend!