Friday, June 5, 2009

A Moment Of Inner Freedom....for PFF

It's been a while since i had participated and i feel sort of guilty about it...but i wont bother you with excuses and explanations...i just wanted to say a word or two about Inner Freedom
I think that inner freedom is something that i always have but unfortunately more than often gets captivated due to a whole lot number of things, important or trivial...but they just perfectly manage to 'imprison' it...It used to be different and i actually was convinced that ive been doomed to lack of inner freedom, but with time ive learned how to achieve that, and to actually recognize it in the first place and not to just live with the fact 'since i dont always feel it, means it doesnt exist'. Ive actually realized how to appreciate it and how to manage to get to it instead just let the flow of bad thoughts/moments carry me along. Its not easy, but once you learn how to do it and once you realize what gives you the inner freedom, you feel much better on the overall.
What gives ME inner-freedom? Hmmm...well, on the top of the list, is the well-being of my family...that calms me down a real real lot....then, stillness of heart and emotional tranquility...really, its a feeling one of a kind and an extremely glorious one...its amazing....then...friends or people who show they care...funny (and also sad) thing is, in this category mainly fall people ive never met for real but i consider them much much closer and much more trustworthy and much more caring than people i know for real... yeah, this is a hint actually to all my realistic friends and acquaintances...and last, but not least, a secure income is what brings me peace of not materialistic, but in today's world, you often really have to struggle to survive and that brings a lots of worries and fears, and thats how that 'moment of inner freedom' just cant come to the surface.
I never have all of these conditions actually happy if one of them is fulfilled, but im just trying to balance among them all and feel good about it :)
Now, my question is, whats YOUR moment if Inner Freedom and how do you manage to achieve that and to maintain it. Thank you in advance for all the responses :)

A HUGE thanks to Chris for sending me this card...this card was an inspiration for today's post :)

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Debby said...

Great post and love the card! Glad to see you back. HAppy PFF!

Sheila said...

A lovely card, and very thought provoking indeed. A great post, Ana!

Terry said...

Howdy Ana
Happy Postcard Friendship Friday
Love this card.
I am so happy for you .
Finding inner freedom can take a life time for some while others seem to flow in it all the time.
With that said I have chosen to never judge my life or compare my life to that of someone elses .
I have made a choice to learn how to be content where I am with what I have at any given moment.
I have learned to accept myself flaws and all.
I am simply myself.
This is a daily learning and growing experience with many challenges that bring answers that are not always seen or understood
but still waiting for my discovery .
To maintain I try to see the negative influences and not hold on to them .I also try to recognize and keep the positive influences .
This is also a learning process .

Have a lovely weekend.
Happy Trails

Daryl said...

Happy PFF! And thanks for sharing!

Chris Overstreet said...

My moment of inner freedom for today is the pleasure of having inspired you to share these beautiful thoughts. The postcard hobby always brings me great freedom and joy.

Marie Reed said...

Ana! I've really missed you! I so hope for you that ALL of these qualifications for inner freedom will come true for you.. not just one:) It sure is a big bad world out there sometimes! hmmm... my inner freedom comes when I learn something new. I get such a wonderful sense of elation when that happens! I find it so exciting.. That is why I blog actually. It forces me to think and look things up! I think that it really stretches us all as people:)

Judith Richards Shubert said...

A big thank you to Chris for inspiring you with the beautiful card. And thank you for your inspirational post! Happy PFF!

Kirby3131 said...

I don't think I have an actual moment of inner freedom - I have more of a law of attraction type of feeling about me all the time - I'm constantly adjusting my thoughts to what I want to achieve. That keeps me pretty consistent...unless I'm off my rocker, which does happen at least once a day LOL

imajica said...

eek, toooo english and philosophical for me, I never thought about it actually.. or maybe I did, but didnt realize it's called inner freedom :)
I think many times keep complaining and whining about things that dont go the way I wish, or bad people, bad days.. and now that you mentioned how you get your inner freedom, that reminds me that sometimes I do forget to appreciate the positive side in me.. family, friends, what I have that others dont, and what I dont need to suffer that others have to.. and when I realized so then I calm down and be thankful and happy.. maybe that's the inner freedom to me somehow.. I guess. has this answered your question haha I hope it has. sometimes it's difficult to write sentences when I think too hard what to write:P

well I think I have learned something reading your great post:) and thanks for it.

Trupti said...

I like pink bunnies :)