Sunday, April 3, 2016

Greetings From...

Here comes like one of the coolest GF cards out there....the Black Hole one :)

and one thing is for sure - absolutely zero Postcrossing members and 000 000 people living there :)
The whole Black Hole thing is a really complex thing and I wont get into details now...however, I don't know if you are familiar with some of the recent discoveries about the gravitational waves and the sound they recorded during the collision of two black holes...that was a really big day in the astronomy world I must say...I also attended a lecture on this like a month ago or so, and this Wednesday I will be attending one held by Nagin Cox....ok, that one will have to do nothing with Black Holes and Gravitational waves, but it would be like the first time that I attend a lecture held by someone coming directly from NASA - it is like so super exciting!! She will be talking about all the rovers that have so far visited Mars, including the last one, that is Curiosity and all their findings.

Anyways, with regards to the black is how it sounds when two of them collide and become one

and that is all thanks to the gravitational waves, and if you wanna get some more technical insight into this and see a computer simulation of two black holes coliding, check out this video

Our Universe is just so never-endingly mind-blowing, isn't it?!!!

and well, this card can't go out with this super-cool-black-hole song :D

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Eva A. said...

This postcard is really cool.