Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bicycles, Spain

Next are two super cool bicycle cards from Spain!

The first one comes from the Balearic Islands, sent by dear Agi...I absolutely love the retro-look of this one and the color is like a super best-friend for your every day errands just looks like one very happy bike :)

and I think that a mushroom stamp collector would be quite envious on such a card:D These come from a set issued in 2013, and I'm far from a mushroom expert, but for the curious one, here you have, from left to right: Agaricus xanthoderma, Amanita pantherina and Marasmius oreades.

I received this other bicycle card just recently, for the favourites tag...not sure where this one is exactly...I can just hope that it is in Spain at least :)

the stamp is a rather glowing and shiny one and is from the set of two Christmas stamps issued in 2015.

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