Sunday, April 3, 2016

Copenhagen, Denmark

a very nice view card of Copenhagen...

...the city that is still on my to-visit list. I've written about it on a number of previous occasions...this time it reminded me of "The Danish Girl", the movie I watched recently and really liked it...a very heart-warming one, based on a true story  and I think that Eddie Redmayne was a great choice for the trans-gender role but also, Alicia Vikander did a terrific job...and if there is one fuzzy feeling you are left with after having watched the movie, is wanting to have a partner in life just like her...

if you are curious to take a look at the trailer...thought it doesn't even closely bring the depth of the whole story

Quite a lot of divided opinions regarding the movie, some love it, some say it's nothing special, some have prejudices regarding the whole thing...but as with many other things in life, I prefer to experience things on my own and decide for myself if I like something or not than to rely on what others say...and same was with the Danish, give it a try and who knows...maybe you won't be disappointed :)

the big stamp is from a set of four Christmas stamps issued in 2010...the other two are from the four 'wavy lines' series, issued the same year.

Thanks a lot to Suzan for this one!

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