Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bicycles, Ukraine

So, one more card for today...ok, that is actually one more post, with two card :)

...and it is bicycles again, sorry :)))
These come from Ukraine, and on the first one we can see a number of people on old bicycles...I really really wish I could at least once take a ride on such a bike...they are real classic!

This card came as part of the Choose a Country RR, two years ago, thanks to Kristine

She also used a number of nice stamps on it...first we have a cool monkey stamp from a set of 12 stamps issued in 2013, representing the Lunar Calendar, and each stamp represents one of the if Kristine knew why she should send me the monkey one :) and on each stamp you can also see the actual years for that particular sign.
Next to it is another stamp issued in 2013, representing the History of National Communication, while the one below it is a flora stamp, issued in 2012, showing the Fraxinus excelsior.


This other bicycle card arrived as an official recently and it says "I love Ukraine very very much"...
I dont know why the bicycle in the picture...I never would have related Ukraine to bicycles, but I certainly don't makes one beautiful postcard! 

the stamp is a definitive issued in 2013.

So, that would be all for today...hope you didn't mind the bicycle over-dose :)

stay well and enjoy your week ahead!!

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