Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So hello there...time  for a new update, with some new and not so new cards :)

And first on the list today comes a great card from Suriname, sent by Sonia last year. I think that in just a few sentences she has grasped so much about this country, that it just makes you wanna go there, like right now!
She says Suriname to be a very interesting country with a mix of cultures and languages and as you walk you can see people of Chinese, Indonesian, African, Indian and Dutch descent. And although Dutch is the main language, you hear many others spoken as well.
And what has won my heart here, Sonia says that she has never seen so many spices in her life and that the smells on the market are wonderful. (You know I am a sucker when it comes to spices and markets...
The only downside - it is very hot - 32°C to 37°C...I have such temperatures and worse like, every summer...and I hate that time of the year...and then people tell me 'but why do you wanna go to Norway, it is so cold there!' - heh...

With regards to the card...I guess it represents a man during some working activities...or I don't know...with his back turned I can't really see what he is doing ( I hope this has nothing to do with me being short-sighted)...did you notice the flag around his waist though?

Sonia used three birds stamps from a set of 8 issued in 2008 - here you can see the Caryothraustes canadensis (or the yellow-green grosbeak), then the Megaceryle torquata (or the ringed kingfisher) and the Chloroceryle aenea (or the American pygmy kingfisher)

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