Sunday, September 6, 2009

Small Notice

Before i get down to the update, need to make a small notice....

Starting from tomorrow, im not sure how often i will be able to update here...until another notice. Also, i may not be able to have internet access or have a very limited one and therefore, in case you message me, i may not be able to reply. You can still mail me/message me, but it may take a while for me to read it. In case its something urgent, you can always text me (if you have my can ask for it as well if we are friends...even virtual ones :)).
I dont want to say WHEN i will be able to update here and how frequently...i dont want to make promises and fail to fulfill them and also, i dont want to say i cant make updates and they i appear out of nowhere. So we'll just have to see how it goes.
Cant talk of any details regarding stuff, mainly coz i dont want to talk of anything i need to see first how things develop and then give you the details. I was craving for a change? Yeah, well....this can be one. And its literally eating me on the inside.......

To those whom i had to mail is a list of people to whom i have mailed things these past few days, so you neednt worry :)

Ana - Serbia
Janek - Estonia (tag & swap)
Sissel - Norway
Nataly - Russia
Grzegorz - Poland
Dengbin - China
Aga - Poland
Shevanti - India
Jude - NMI
Nasia - Cyprus

So you should all be getting your mail any time soon....if your name is not on the list, then it means i havent managed to mail your stuff, so it will have to be postponed...sorry :(

regarding letters....a huge apology to all my penpals out there but due to overall things, havent managed to write a single letter lately...ill try and organize it somehow and at least move slowly with it...i hate it to be late with replying to your letters, but you know me...=| I just hope you are not mad at me and would still look forward to hear from me in your mailbox :)

Well, with that said...we can move to the postcards.


imajica said...

well at least I dont need to be hurry in replying your letter I guess.. :P *huge relief* lol
I'm trying to catch up with things as well.. even taking a break from Postcrossing doesnt help that much.

Sheila said...

I hope everything is all right with you Ana. I don't like the sound of things eating you on the inside. Whatever the reason, take care, and we'll all be here waiting for your return.

Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, my comments on multiviews were certainly not directed at you. Any card from you is find and will always find a home in my collection and in my blog.Take care and will be looking for you in your blog when you can update.

Gem from Calgary said...

that should be fine not find.

SOe said...

Take care! Best wishes!

BeachILike said...

Take good care!