Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hello all and welcome to the first post of April...which brings some nice recently and not so recently received cards..

and for starters here is a nice one from Mauritius sent by Alvin last year...more precisely, last January...yeah it is really cool during the cold gloomy winter days to retreat to a place like this...and Alvin really makes some cool winter travel destinations :)

well here you can see some different pictures from the island, starting from beaches, crystal waters, to flowers and iguanas....not my favourite type of animal, but as long as it is on a card, I don't mind :)

a very nice stamp from the  2014, 3-set Flora and Fauna issue, showing the Rodrigues flying fox or Rodrigues fruit bat. At first glance it looked like an eagle to me, but when I took a better glance, it is a bat indeed.

Alvin, thank you! :)

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