Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Train Postcrossing Meeting, Romania

This next card was a thrill to receive, a thrill!!

You know that like almost every day there is a Postcrossing meeting happening somewhere around the world, a big one or a mini one...and I have received a number of such surprises so far and they are always a delight, knowing that someone has thought of you...most of those go unnoticed, at least I don't really read any information about them happening...however, this Postcrossing meeting in Romania turned out to be a big deal...maybe you have heard about it, maybe you haven't (you can read all about it at the Postcrossing blog here...but it was like the first Postcrossing meeting...ON A TRAIN! And on top of that, they had printed a specially designed postcard for this...when I saw it somewhere on Facebook, my jaw dropped...
Well in general I don't really ask people to send me a card from a meeting since I believe these should be a surprise, so in this case as well, I kept my silence but deep down I was like bummed since I honestly didn't really believe someone would send me a card from this meeting....and then one day last week I was proven so wrong...I can't even explain to you my sheer shock and thrill when I found a card from the meeting in my mailbox...and all that thanks to Danut who remembered I love trains, and thought I'd like this bet I would!! I was delighted!! It was like receiving a card from some brand new country...yes, that's how happy and thrilled I was...and still am!

here you can see the signatures....and frankly speaking I cannot decipher the majority of them...I don't know if the have just signed or used their PC usernames as well...but I am clueless.

The stamp was issued in 2015 and represent's Angel's tears....behind which there is actually a sad story...the stamp was issued after a tragedy that has happened at one of the nightclubs in Bucharest, where during a free concert, band's pyrotechnics, consisting of sparkler firework candles, ignited the club's flammable polyurethane acoustic foam, and a fire had spread rapidly. 36 people had died and 147 were injured...with this stamp, the Roman post wanted to show support to those who have suffered, supporting the medical recovery process of the victim's of the tragedy...just as Danut, I also wonder if money were really used for that purpose or not...

Thanks again a million to Danut for this most awesome surprise!

Lesson learnt - never lose hope....and avoid places where indoors they use outdoor pyrotechnics....

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