Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Portland, USA

Next is a cool bikish card from Bryon..

The back of the card says that 'bicycling and rain are two things that Portland is known for'...and well,  as long as you have the right clothing, there is no problem when riding your bike in the rain...the only problem here is the lack of the cycling paths..and the streets and pavements are either in terrible condition or not by the time you get to your destination you are all wet, despite your rain coat...water is just splashing from all the cracks and holes.... =/

Just recently I realized that I should find a seat cover for my bike, so that when it rains, the seat won't get ruined...since mine is not made of plastic but it is kinda soft, and not so rain-friendly...and looking at this card keeps reminding me of I guess I should be looking at it like more often until I finally get it done :)
Anyways, it's been a nice weather here recently...a while ago I came back from the Cycling Critical Mass - it was a nice ride...esp. now that the weather has gotten warmer but it ain't too hot yet...winter rides are always in the dark and there are not many people...but I think that today there were around like 300 cyclists maybe...yep, we are fighting for our has been a slow process but there have been some improvements after like almost four years that this event has been regularly taking place.

well, here are a few pictures from today's edition, photo credits go to my neighbour Dimitar.

me and my friend Sašo while waiting for the event to begin

somewhere down the road - the last Wednesday of the month,when the patience of the car drivers, bus drivers, pedestrians is being tested...and they seriously have failed on a number of occasions :)

and a number of nice stamps...and two different cancellations, a red and a black one...cant figure out the date on the black one though...I wonder if both cancellations bear the same date or just wondering whatever has happened here :)
As for the stamps, the bottom one is more or less familiar, the Navajo Jewelry from for the rest...first we have one from 1974 from a set of 8 stamps that are part of the Universal Postal Union Issue - the set consists of paintings by different artists, this one is by Liotard. The one next to it shows Chief Josef, and I believe this painting can be found at the National Portrait Gallery - issued in 1968. The last two stamps are from the Vintage Circus Posters' set of 16 issued in 2014.

Thank you Bryon =)

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Olga Żak Ms.WildHead said...

Cool card and very cool stamps :D
I love bikes but I didnt know that Portland is known from bikes and the rain haha :D

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