Saturday, March 26, 2016

Palosebo, Philippines

One more card for today, this time from the Philippines...

It shows children playing the Palosebo game. It is a traditional Filipino game and is usually played by children in the countryside during the town fiesta, or on special occasions in the various Provinces of the Philippines. Long and straight bamboo poles are polished and greased, after which a small bag containing the prize is tied to the top. The bag usually contains money, sweets, or toys. Sometimes a small flag is used instead of the actual prize, which is given to the winner afterwards.

The contestants try to climb the pole in turns to secure the prize, and anyone who fails to reach the top is disqualified. The winner is the one who succeeds in reaching and untying the prize or retrieving the flag.

Really cool...much better than playing Minecraft or such....

a number of nice stamps here - the fruit ones were issued in 2015 in a set of 5 stamps showing popular fruits in the Philippines (you have a banana and a papaya here).
The other stamp is from 2012 from a series of Folklore and Legends stamps - this one shows Amihan, the Goddess of Monsoon Weather.

Thanks to Fern for this nice card.

And Happy Easter to everyone celebrating this weekend! (here it will be at the end of April)

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