Saturday, March 26, 2016

Minsk, Belarus

Next come a few cards from Minsk, Belarus's capital

I received this one recently as a swap with Marina - looking at the card gives me the impression of a city with very clean air (unlike here). And they do seem to have a lot of green areas all over too (again, unlike here).

Well, I've written about Minsk before, so won't get much into details this time...just that after this swap  I realized I had acquired a number of Minsk cards showing the city and the Svislach river, so I thought I'd show them altogether...

the stamp is part of a mini-sheet with 4 stamps issued in 2015, showing paintings of artists of the Paris School from Belarus. On this stamp you can see a painting from 1925 called "The Lake" by Ossip Zadkine.


well the rest of the cards here are all official ones...Belarus has really climbed up the ladder in terms of Postcrossing sent cards and at the time of speaking holds the 6th place....quite surprising I must admit...
The card here shows the embankment of the Svislach is 327 km long and has derived its name from the root -visl- 'flowing,' of Indo-European origin

here I decided to show the whole back of the card cos of the cute stickers...that duck one is especially adorable :)
as for the stamps, we two from the set of 12 Architectural Monuments issued in 2012 - the left one shows a church in Polatsk, while the right one, shows the Mirski castle.

Thanks to Yanina for this card


Here we have a multiveiw card with the Svislach river in each of the pictures.
First we have a view of the Upper Town. Then below it, we can see some sport competitions.
In the middle you can see the Trinity Suburb, while on the right side, first you can again see the Svisloch embankment, while the bottom picture shows a man fishing in the centre of the city. 

The stamp is from a set of two Christmas stamps issued in 2012.
Thanks to Marianne for this card.


Can you notice the drawings, or whatever they may be, on the two tall buildings? they look interesting.
Here in particular you can see the Housing of the Uskhod micro-district.

the stamp is from a set of 2 issued in 2012, showing Belorussian ornament.
Thanks to Dzimitry for this one.


And one more Minsk card, showing a really beautiful aerial view of the city, in particular, the Trinity Suburb and the Svislach river embankment.

Again we have the two architectural stamps as above from 2012, showing the church in Polatsk and the Mirski castle.
Thanks to Victoria for this card.

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