Friday, March 18, 2016

King Penguins, Falkland Islands/South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

So another Friday is almost gone and from what the weather forecast says, a nice weekend ahead of I guess Ill use that for some sunshine-enjoyment...and before that, post a few cards on this nice calm Friday evening...well there is a tennis match in a while so I am not quite sure how calm it's gonna remain....

First is a card from the Falkland Islands that Glenn sent me from his cruise exactly four years ago....and before you start throwing stones at me, no, this one was neither overlooked nor forgotten...just kept special as usual with those cards from rare countries...but since a little birdy told me that a FI card is now on my way too, thought it was like time to post some of those waiting-in-line cards....

Glenn sent me a bunch of great cards from his cruise back then (he always does actually), and this one is no exception.....have I ever told you that one of my biggest wishes in life is to hug a penguin?  Probably I have...just that I still haven't managed to fulfill it....I mean I should first go to a place where there are penguins of course, you don't just come across one in the street...but so far budget-wise, I'll have to stick to 'torturing' cats and dogs... know what?? I have a South Georgia stamp on this card :D Yep!! Well, there are penguins there too...just as you can see from the stamp...I was in doubts if I should consider this card from Falkland Islands or South Georgia, but I believe it would be appropriate to make it a Falkland Islands a reason less to make people more jealous than necessary :P
This lovely South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands was issued in 2010 in a set of 4 penguins' stamps, with this one showing the Aptenodytes patagonicus species.

Interesting thing is that Glenn sent this card on 15 March, while the postmark reads 19 April...and I don't recall exactly when it arrived in my mailbox...but it arrived :)

Thanks a lot again Glenn!!


Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Ana,
Re the Falklands card with the South Georgia stamp. When I received my card like this back to me I had to say it was a South Georgia card, as it actually was in South Georgia, and postmarked from there. I bought the card in the Falklands and picked out the stamp at the philatelic office in Stanley, F.I. They then sent the card to South Georgia , when it was postmarked , then sent back to Stanley , and put in the regular mail stream to you.
BTW- seeing this card certainly brought back some good memories . Thanks

Ana said...

Hi Glenn

At first I thought of going with SG...but then since it says Falkland Islands on the card, I wasn't sure if that would be fair...but just now I decided that including them both would be like the best solution :))