Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fort Collins Brewery, USA

Next is an official I received in 2014, and a very very cool card, even though I don't drink beer...


This card is like an ad for the Fort Collins Brewery in Colorado and as can be seen from this card, they even have beer with bicycles on even though I don't like beer, I may actually give this one a try....just cos of the bike :)

from the back of the card:
Saddle Up. Fat Tire Amber Ale delivers a happy balance of distinctive nutty malt flavours and fresh hoppiness. As a consumer once wrote, "this beer just makes you smile."

and at first I thought 'hoppiness' was some spelling mistake, since it got underlined with red as well, but turns out that is something about the level of the bitterness of the beer or something...

Well if you are ever nearby, you can visit it, they seem to have a nice taverna as well...and later, well just let me know how it was :)

a few stamps here, mostly well-known ones...starting from the bottom with the American Toleware from 2007, then above it, the American Clock from 2003..and then the Navajo Jewelry from 2004 - the other two I dont see that frequently - first is a Christmas stamp from 2007, and then a flower one issued in 2013, showing a Poinsettia.

thanks a bunch to Louise for this super-cool card!

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