Saturday, March 5, 2016

Belgrade Meetings, Serbia

My last post was supposed to be about the Postcrossing Meeting in Belgrade last year...but I realized I had not posted the cards from the previous years, so I thought I'd include them as well...therefore it will be all cards, no pictures (plus I haven't asked for the consent from the others if I could post them here, since I am not alone on any of those :))

So this last meeting was a really good one, since we were quite a was Ana, Renato, Aleksa (Renato's son), Jelena...and for the first time we got the chance to meet Milan - a great guy, and also Liza from Latvia joined us since she was in Belgrade those days (I had met her before here in Skopje, so it was great to see her again :)) I just really missed Judit this time....

The postcard was written at a place called Caruso - on the 8th floor :)

You know it has become a challenge to find some new view-cards of Belgrade, but I always manage...and from what I realized, there are different stamps on each of these cards (for this I would have to thank my dear partner in crime :))

Also after over two years, I got to see my dearest cousin Aleksandra...she actually made me company at the Book Fair, and later Liza joined us as well....speaking of the Book Fair, I finally got my copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams...and also this book by the Serbian author Svetislav Basara, "The Cyclist Conspiracy"....whichever of these two you lay your hands on, give it a read!
Well, I also got back with these most awesome pairs of earrings ❤ 

I got the Little Prince ones from my dear partner in crime...and she actually showed me this place which is like heaven for this kind of jewelry!

the stamp here was issued in 2013, in a set of four Orchid stamps - this one is called Cymbidium Fort George

Next is a card from the 2014 meeting...

...and it shows one of the first petrol stations in Belgrade, around 1934.

It was just Judit, Ana and me at this meeting...but that doesn't mean we didn't have a great time :))

I think I finally bought Brave New World this time, by Huxley...and dont know what else I stocked myself up with - this is what happens when I dont do my updates in time...I think it might be "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage" by Murakami......I think...

two beautiful stamps!!! Issued in 2007 in a set of 8 stamps representing Flora, Landscapes and Tourist Attractions - on these two you can see the Zapadna Morava river (left) and Kopaonik (right)

Next is the 2013 meeting...and actually two cards from this one...

according to the signatures, it is me, Ana, Renato Judit, Jelena who attended...and for the first time Snježana from Bosnia joined us...and seems we have overdosed ourselves with cakes here...since what I have on the back of the card says 'crunch cake', 'mini plazma-almond cookie' 'mini-hazelnut cookie'...but I think that a good deal of this was smudged on some postcards....:P

If I'm not mistaken, this was the year when I got "Kafka on the Shore" by Murakami - probably like my all time favourite by him until now...I must have bought something else too...but have no idea...maybe it was "You and Me" by Ammaniti...or that was the year before...well either way, both of the books are way too awesome!

a cute stamp from set of two "Joy of Europe" stamps issue in 2013

and a card that Renato designed...with a funny slip...since the English version says it is the 3rd PC meeting, but the Serbian translation says 2nd....yeah, trying to make you think something's wrong with you and you are seeing things :)))

To make it clear, it is the third one...and btw, if you are into Haiku...or even if you are not into Haiku, you can check Renato's book here - Haiku by Renato

issued in a set of two stamps in 2013, under the name European Nature Protection

and back to 2012


meeting attended by me, Ana, Judit and Renato....the card shows the Memorial  Centre of Josip Broz Tito....but I won't go nostalgic now...
Which books I got this time...I of course have NO bloody idea....


the stamp was issued in 2008 in a set of two Nature stamps, with this one representing the Devil's City (or Đavolja Varoš in Serbian)

Now this last card is not from one of those regular Postcrossing meetings, but an extra one that happened on April 27th 2012, when dear Nastya was in Belgrade, so I went there to see her and Ana...and I must admit it I also used this meeting as a chance to get my Mexican Visa (that I would use later that summer), since the Mexican Embassy is in Belgrade...nobody knew about it, so this meeting kinda covered as a perfect excuse...but that is one of those times when stars align and the times overlapped....sometimes things really happen for a reason...

the card shows the Main Railway Station in Belgrade, and the photo dates back to 1958

and a matching stamp! :) Issued in 2009 in a set of two stamps commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Railroad in Serbia.

Phewwww! I think I am finally done here!! Boy that was soo much babbling, my keyboard hurts :)

I hope it wasn't too annoying...I understand if you dont feel like reading through it all...but I hope you at least enjoyed the cards, stamps and the pictures :)

Now I seriously think I need a break!!


Bryon D said...

Loved reading these posts about your wonderful adventures. The descriptions of your travels and experiences were quite enjoyable. And the pics were fantastic too! Thanks Ana!

Ana said...

Thanks for the kind comment Bryon! I think you can pretty much relate to this particular post :D