Thursday, February 11, 2016

Keve River, Angola

Cold rainy day....just perfect for staying at home and having fun with postcards...and also I have like a particular 'excuse' to make an update, but that will come in the next first things first...and let me clarify something before you start throwing tomatoes at me (since last time i told you I have no new countries)... but that referred more to written and stamped cards (I feel like I'm being an arrogant b**** here....)

ok here is the story...I really dont know what went wrong with the swap here...I dont know if it was a 'lost in translation' thing or something, but instead of getting a written and stamped card from Angola, I ended up getting an envelope with a number of cards from Angola and some stamps...yeah, I know that in some way im being way ungrateful here when just anyone else would probably be thankful and is just that I dont get it how could that happen...and how like my only chance to get a written and stamped card from Angola went down the drain...this is one of those times when instead of getting all head over heels for having a new country in your collection, you feel like crying...I keep wondering 'why woman, why oh why'?? (It would have been way cheaper to just drop me one single card, instead of the whole envelope)...
I mean it is the same like when I get some super rare country and Im over the moon until I look at the stamp and see it was mailed from a completely different country...doesn't it just make you cringe and you feel utterly disappointed?
Have I turned into a monster?!!

So, probably that's one of the reasons why I haven't posted this so far...I am a terrible person, aren't I? =/

and here is now the back of the card and I know you will probably say again how come I am complaining when first of all there is a stamp, and second of all, there is this 'postage paid' text as well, meaning that probably this card, even if it was sent written and stamped, would have arrived without a stamp...frankly, I really don't get it...and I don't know if the sender had put that stamp and cancellation or someone else (since the cancellation is like one year prior this whole thing was arranged...)
And then again, the address thing is left I may just write it down myself and consider this a written and stamped card or whatsoever (despite that stamp ain't even closely sufficient for the actual postage)..

for the curious ones, the stamp was issued in 2008 in a set of 4, showing Angolan Rivers (this one here shows Rio Mbridge

so much moaning over one postcard only....but I know some of you are familiar with this feeling ;-)
(and don't take me THAT seriously when I complain anyway)


Chris Overstreet said...

Despite all that, it's still pretty darn cool. I like it.

Gem from Calgary said...

Ana I too know the feeling of getting an unstamped card from a prized country. Back in 2010 I finally contacted someone in Liberia who agreed to send me a postcard. sadly , it arrived in a stamped envelope. Of course I was thankful for the contact and even for the mail, as I was often told there was no working postal system in Liberia. But why couldn't it have been a stamped postcard. To me, it seems just as easy to mail a stamped card as to drop a card in an envelope and them post it. But then, I'm not in Monrovia, Liberia. But you know I'll keep trying for that card from elusive Liberia.
Take care,Glenn

Ana said...

I do like the card, that's for sure..don't wanna sound ungrateful about it :D

fingers crossed for Liberia Glenn! Im sure it is not impossible...but I can just imagine your reaction when you have received it...a bummer only a collector would understand =)

Anu said...

Well, at least you're not alone in feeling like that... When a friend of mine moved back to Ghana, I asked him if he could send me a postcard. He agreed and I thought he'd send me one written & stamped card but instead got an envelope with a bunch of cards. I felt horribly guilty for feeling a little disappointed :/

Ana said...

I think that this pretty much describes it perfectly - feeling horribly guilty for feeling disappointed :)