Thursday, October 13, 2011

North Korea

well, i didnt quite plan to make an update today, but sometimes some things happen, and after your postman ignoring you, you just receive such mail, that you remain speechless and then burst in excitement....and you just cant sit in order to sleep better (and have the caffeine evaporate too), ill give you a few cards....starting with one which arrived my greatest surprise....not more not less, but North Korea!!! The country on my top 5 places to visit (if I ever get the chance to) One of the most fascinating and most intriguing countries to me, yet so one of the reasons why i would love to visit it is to see what is all the fuss about it...

well, i cant possibly understand what's written here, but would I be wrong if I relate this image to 'revolution'...or 'uprising'....or 'truce'?? If anyone could help me with the translation or maybe an explanation of whats really behind this image, id be really grateful :)

this is such a gem in my collection, that I have no idea how to store clumsy as I am, it would be soaked in once done with this update, i need to put it safe and sound, below other cards...keep it as treasure...if you're wondering why im so much dreading it...take a look below!

oh yes!! North Korean stamps!! Pyongyang cancellation....coz this card was INDEED mailed from North Korea itself!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Im still shocked honestly and find it hard to believe that I got a written and stamped card from THE Korea!
Thanks so much to Jean-Luc for this magnificent surprise! Not being on the initial list, I didnt really expect a card at thats why im so thrilled and happy and thankful about this! Yay yay yayy!! Wohoooo!!! And it has taken exactly a month to reach me, which i must say is a decent time for travelling...actually, it is more than decent it had arrived in the first place! I just wonder if the NK Government has me on some list now after seeing my name here :)

two different stamps have been used on the card...both are definitives from a set of 12 issued in 2002.

well, this has been a real treat! and watch your mailbox! who knows, you might be one of the lucky ones as well :)

thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much Jean-Luc! I owe you a BIG one on this!


Dani said...

гарант те имаат проверено која си и што си :)))

честито иначе. :)

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Ana,
Congrats on DPRK. Those cards you don't see every day. I remember when I received my first DPRK card, I was thrilled. Way back when I first started this postcard thing, it was the country that I thought I would never receive a card from. But I was wrong, thankfully. By the way, who is Jean-Luc, not Jean -Luc Picard from Star Trek , I guess , hey ?
Again Congrats on your treasure.

Bryon D said...

Ana, what a treasure to get a card from North Korea!!!! Congrats!

Sreisaat said...

What a gem of a card!
I guess this card shows a typical communist propaganda poster. The people dressed in somewhat military uniform looked so happy in the picture.
I am so jealous of this card! If you get tired looking at this, I'd be very, very happy to give it a home in my album. hahaha. Happy weekend, amiga!

Postcards Crossing

Haddock said...

Something to do with some revolution?

agi said...

ma ja san znala da ćeš dobiti jednu! ;)super!

Ana said...

thank you for the comments everyone!

- Dani: ко што си у комшии таму, ќе те викам на помош :)

- Тhank you Glenn! North Korea is one of the countries I never really believed I would have a postcard from, written and stamped, but hope seems to die last...Antarctica, Greenland and Pitcairn are among the others on my 'never believe I will get them' list :)

- Thank you Bryon!!! :D It is a treasure indeed! Right now I dont even know where I had locked it...

- ha ha ha ha, amiga....noted down, though im not really looking at it often :P J/k...but I would be actually happier if you received one addressed to you :)

- Haddock: well, that's one of my guesses...still working on the deciphering :)

- Agi, kad tako kažeš, imam osećaj da si ti 'krivac' za ovo! :)

agi said...

hehh neću preuzeti krive zasluge...samo san pomislila da ćete ili ti ili riči (a možda i oboje) biti među sretnin dodatnin primateljima (kad se ne znan bolje izraziti heh) :)

Rajko said...

haha, a što baš nas dvoje? :)))

btw šefica, svaka čast na razglednici, stvarno je pravo blago! čitam malo komentare, pa i nije baš toliko teško dobiti grenland :) dosta ljudi putuje tamo.. ja u te 'never beleive i will get' ubrajam BIOT, Južna Džordžija, Avganistan, Ekvatorijalna Gvineja, Kongo...

agi said...

riči pitaj našu malezijku kako dobiti neke od tih ;)

Rajko said...

ona bi prije bubreg dala nego pomogla nešto u vezi sa kolekcijom razglednica :)))