Thursday, February 11, 2016

Geiranger, Norway

Ok, here we go now..why I wanted to commemorate this day...or probably it should have been yesterday, but yesterday I didn't really have enough time for this, plus that Facebook 'share your memories' thing, has noted it down as today it is...
And what's so important about it?
Well, it is one year ago that I started learning Norwegian! Yep, you read that right! Ana is learning Norwegian (or Ana lærer norsk)
I know some of you have no idea about it, even though it's been a whole year, but I blame it on my lack of updates here and therefore, keeping you in the dark about it

This is one of the newest Norwegian cards I have received (thanks to Trond) and I believe it is like a beautiful choice to commemorate my small achievement.
And it all happened somewhat unexpectedly...I stumbled across a post on Facebook (no matter how much I dislike it, it has proven useful at times), about this school advertising courses in Swedish. I immediately got interested since I've been wanting to learn some new language that on one hand is not really popular and that on the other, attracts me in some way (and Scandinavia itself attracts me a LOT). So I was checking for like more information about the course and all, and next thing I see, they offer a course in Norwegian...I think that my heart simply stopped at that moment...I got so thrilled and exhilarated that I simply froze...I just had no proper way of expressing my utter delight at that moment...a course in awesome and fantastic is that! It was like a dream (or at least part of the dream), coming true.
Of course I called immediately to sign up and all..and even though I was a bit skeptical about my working schedule and how it would all fit in together, the first semester went great...I had to skip like two classes in total and was really regular in homeworks and studying and all...and it was a nice was like 8 of us at the beginning...5 left at the end, and half were attending the course cos they need a certificate cos they would like to apply for a job in Norway, and the rest of us (the weirdos) were there just cos we would like to learn the language, no particular aims but that...

Now the second semester was not so easy...mainly cos of my frequent absence from classes due to work...and it had its thing about learning a language is being really dedicated to it...if you believe that you can attend classes twice a week and that's all you would need to be fluent, boy you are wrong (I always rambled this to my former students who believed i could do magic and they would learn perfect English just by showing up at class)...and then I didnt get to practice what I preached...heh...what can I do..
Still, I did pass the exam, but I don't really feel it was that much deserved...and then I like planned to spend my break between semesters now studying, but of course, what you plan and what reality is, are often two different things :)

Anyways, I am not giving up... I usually start something and never finish it, but I'm NOT gonna add Norwegian to that list...even though maybe there won't be enough students next semester and I won't be able to continue like attending an official course, but I will get my work done on my is different now when I have the basis and continuing from there, than starting on my own from scratch.

If you are curious about my opinion about the language...well, it is not a difficult least the grammar is of like medium difficulty, and i understand a great deal of written Norwegian (even though I still lack a lot of vocabulary in order to make some really complex sentences).
But if written Norwegian is easy...don't get me started about the spoken one! Spoken Norwegian is like something outside this planet :D I love, really love the sound of it...but being able to understand when they speak is like mission impossible...I may catch a word over here and a word over there...but the concept? oh boy, no :D
I dont know....maybe I should just move to Norway and learn it in the natural surroundings...anyone in Norway who would like to adopt me for a few months? =)))))))

I think I'll watch some Norwegian movies later tonight to kinda celebrate this...there is one awesome Norwegian movie I watched not so long ago, called Headhunters...I really recommend it!

and well, lets not forget the stamp - issued in 2014 in a set of 3, portraying the Oslo Viking Ship Museum

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