Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Postcard User Guide

Ok, one more card for today...and something relaxing and funny :))

Well, the whole text is on the card, so I will let you read it yourselves and have a laugh at this Postcard User Guide for Dummies...seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if some people actually needed something like this....

thanks a lot to dear Anu for tagging me for this one...been wanting it in my collection for a long while :)

edit: it feels embarrassing when days later you become aware you have forgotten to include the stamps...but at least I have my chance for a corrective measure, and here they are! (what bothers me is that I so much wanted to brag with that bicycle stamp but in the end I didn't even post it...)

Anu included three awesome stamps here...and starting with, well the bicycles, of course :D, in 1978!! in a set of four stamps, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First International Cycling Organizations. I could have sworn it is a newer just doesn't at all look older than me! :)))
the stamp above it was issued in 1998, also in a set of four, all showing nonsensical Drawings by Edward Lear - he was an English artist, illustrator, musician, author and poet, and is known now mostly for his literary nonsense in poetry and prose and especially his limericks, a form he popularised.
The last stamp was issued in 2003 in a set of 10, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of The Coronation.
(sorry again Anu for this silly unintentional mistake....i hope it won't repeat again :))

Well, enjoy your February everyone! It has gotten rather insane here and we've been having temperatures of like 20 degrees for a few days now...i like these spring-time temperatures, but kinda feels odd at this time of the year....


Anu said...

Ahaha, yes, that card is brilliant! :D

Just wondering, did the stamps fall off or is there some other reason you didn't include them in this post? I can't even remember which ones I used now.. :p

Ana said...

the reason is that sometimes i am simply an idiot :D in the above GF card i included the stamp but afterwards realized I hadn't mentioned anything about it..and here seems I have skipped the stamps completely...and I knew it felt like something was missing...I guess it comes with age :)) though for some reason, with, more generic cards, I tend to overlook the stamps' moment...i think my brain is just wired in some odd way...will fix this thing here ASAP (and you used pretty damn awesome stamps - it's a pity to not show them you know..)

Anu said...

:) So true, the bicycle stamp certainly doesn't look *that* old! I had no idea. ...although I don't think half pennies have been in use for ages so that might give it a way a bit :D

Do you have a link to the set of 10 Coronation stamps by any chance? I'm just curious because the stamp I used was from a kind of minisheet with four stamps in it and I'm wondering now if it was a bigger sheet originally and the seller just cut the four stamps off of it.. ? :o

Ana said...

I have checked the stamps at two different websites, and both say it is an issue with 10 stamps =/

just scroll a bit down on this one

Anu said...

Thank you, that's really helpful! The seller must have cut up the sheets, then :(