Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Star Wars

Ok, one more card for today...and one that arrived this year...so season of 2016 is officially opened in the labels' section :)

card sent by my Seattle 'mailbox attacker', a.k.a Bryon....and this is an amazing amazing card, showing the Episode IV (New Hope) of Star Wars!! (those are the two Suns of the planet Tatooine)

Ok, a small revelation here...as much as im into space stuff and such, I cannot say I've been that much into the Star War movies (in fact I still havent seen the latest one that was released in December last year (and no, I haven't watched Interstellar either, in case someone was wondering).
HOWEVER, HOWEVER, I am more than thrilled to have received this card...along with the most amazing stamps below ...

and the stamps below (and maybe also the card) arrived due to my comment here on Agi's blog, back in October 2011...yep, 2011!! The comment refers to this Star Wars Post, where I have again stated that I've never been addicted by the Star Wars' Series, but that I'd love to have the stamps...and a nice Seattle fairy grants (part of) my wish...since the rest of the stamps from the set have been dispersed among my Croatian and Serbian pals....so, my dear Croatian and Serbian pals, make sure you watch out your Star Wars stamps and you don't wanna have me invited over to your house as a precaution measure :D :D :D

Speaking of the stamps...the USPS issued this amazing set back in 2007, consisting of 15 stamps in total (geez, that is 12 stamps I should be after in my pals' mail).
So, I was lucky enough to get Princess Leia and R2D2, Han Solo and Chewbacca, aaaaand Luke Skywalker!

Please also notice the USPS cancellation...I rarely notice a cancellation with all those 9 numbers...and in such a clear manner...so, kinda perfect! :)

Thanks a bunch Bryon for this mailbox attack! May the Force be with You! :P

Thanks for reading and see you all...sooner or later :)


Postcard Blogger said...

Wow! Lucky you! I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I saw the first one in theaters. I have all the stamps because I mailed them to myself to make sure I'd have them all on a postcard. ;-) I know it's cheating, but I do not collect stamps only, all of my stamps are attached to postcards. As for the latest movie - I've seen it 5 times now. My husband and I saw it in 3D, then we saw it regular. Then we were with our youngest daughter and her hubby in California and they didn't see it so we took them to see it in IMAX. Then we were with my niece and her boyfriend in Oregon who wanted to see it, so there was our 4th time. Then I flew to WI to see my oldest daughter and her boyfriend and they wanted to see it, and there you have it.... 5 times. Yep, my household is full of Sci-Fi geeks. I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

Postcard Blogger said...

In case your wanted to see some of my Star Wars postcards.... here is a link...

Anu said...

What a beautiful card, and amazing stamps! I love the original Star Wars trilogy but wasn't too keen on the latest film. In fact I wasn't going to go see it at all, but then my husband wanted to see it :P I wasn't too impressed to be honest... The film wasn't complete rubbish like the other three new Star Wars films released earlier, but it was nothing special in my opinion and had several weaknesses. I think I'll just stick to the originals ;)

But yeah, lovely stamps! Royal Mail issued some Star Wars stamps last year, let me know if you'd like any as I think I still have all of them (apart from some on the mini sheet).

Ana said...

I've read a lot of divided opinions on the last SW movie...well I will watch it eventually, but for now I don't feel that enthusiastic (if it was Star Trek though it would have been a somewhat different story :))

Brenda, that collection of yours makes me envious you know?? :D :D

Anu, I just can never say no to Star Wars stamps *blush* thank you so much for the offer! ♥

Anu said...

I could send you a couple then :) Which ones would you like and how? I just checked and I still have everything apart from Princess Leia, and Millennium Falcon & the middle stamp on the miniature sheet.

Ana said...

ohh, any would be fine...though I may have a slight fondness towards Luke Skywalker :) card or envelope, whichever is more convenient for you :)