Monday, January 26, 2015


It's a gloomy, rainy Monday...although it didn't really start this way, it turned into quite a sh***y I could use it as an excuse why I've spent my entire day in the pajamas, like literally doing to make at least something productive out of today (I know we can debate on the word "productive" here :P), here comes an make at least two throughout January...but let's see how much I manage to do in the end coz I really feel lazy on the overall =)

So I think that by now most of you are familiar with my 'I have new countries! I have new countries' here comes one of those from that famous list...directly from Nevis!! Oh yeah baby, Nevis! :D
May sound confusing to some of you (as it did to me at the beginning, I admit), cos usually to me it is St.Kitts and Nevis as a whole, but Nevis does have its own stamps the fact that I had received a card from St. Kitts, didn't actually mean I had one from Nevis too (well, until this beauty dropped into my mailbox!). So I guess I should go and change that label, cos it seems to be misleading...

Wanna take a guess which of my postcard fairies is guilty for this one? :P I have like 6 or 7 of them
 at the moment and the lucky one to have visited Nevis is dear Herbert!  Whom I actually had the chance to meet last year cos he also took a small trip around the Balkans which included Skopje as well...but I won't be speaking on his behalf regarding his impressions, I'll let him do so...actually just right now this idea crossed my mind of people who have visited Macedonia and whom I've actually met, write some kind of guest post with their impressions and all...hmm, what do you think? I really don't know why I haven't thought of this before, but now that it simply flashed in front of my eyes, I really love the idea!! What do you think? Instead of me rambling about it, someone else can give a different insight (ok, I can pop in with Macedonian posts as well from time to time regarding the places I've been too and share some anecdotes), but my heart really goes with the idea about guest posts. And in case you read this and plan on visiting Skopje as well, leave a note so we can meet, have some coffee and later have your post up here...yeah, the only "condition" for you to be eligible to write a guest post is that we have actually you can later write in your post "oh Ana is sooo awesome and fantastic and such lovely company and so on and on :D :D :D :D"

But back to Nevis for now...or the Queen of the Caribbean as they call it - which it earned in the 18th century, when its sugar plantations created much wealth for the British, (or the little stamp paradise, as Herbert called it), is separated from St.Kitts by a shallow 3.22 km channel known as "The Narrows".
The name, Nevis, is derived from the Spanish, Nuestra Señora de las Nieves (which means Our Lady of the Snows); the name first appears on maps in the 16th century

and yeah...Nevis is one of those countries with absolutely cool stamps that have nothing to do with the country itself...and it was quite shocking to see the overall number of Elivis stamps Nevis has issued....this one is from 2007 from a set of 6 stamps, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Death of Elvis Presley (1935-1977).

Muchas gracias a Herbert for always finding a new country to visit and surprise my mailbox along the way too ;-)


Gem from Calgary said...

Elvis has left the building , and went to Nevis - who knew.
You really can't have too many Elvis stamps, because even though we know many countries have issued many, many Elvis stamps, how many do you see actually used on mail, and fulfilling its real use .
Take care , as always love your posts.

Ja Optymistyczna said...

You got really nice postcards! And the stemp - it is special :)

I have the same feeling about being "unproductive" - usually it's because winter... Everything will be better when the sun comes :)

Greetings from Poland!