Sunday, May 25, 2014


Been writing these posts in the span of a few hours, and if I started it with, the weather is so lovely and all, we got the Apocalypse in the meantime...seriously...I went to the theatre to see a play...during the break they told us we had to leave the theatre...outside was raining cats and dogs along with a hailstorm, so my guess is the roof has collapsed...a lot of streets are flooded...but at least I got home...and then...bang!! an Earthquake!! And a rather shaky one! I couldnt help it but just started laughing...because sometimes when you are freaked out with such a sequence of events, it just comes to you to start laughing....oh my, I hope it's gonna end with this and no more unpleasant surprises...

aaand, I was actually gonna show you my two Minion cards!! Do you love these characters? Have you watched the Despicable Me cartoons? You probably should!

Though I must say I preferred Despicable Me 1 to Despicable Me 2, but still, both are really nice! And I was so excited when this girl from China had Minion cards for swap...couldnt resist it :D

аnd besides the Minions, there are a number of other lovely characters too :)

btw, do you know my Minion slippers? super cool winter footwear....and they DO keep you warm :)


Elena Solonina said...

Minons are so cute :) also like them!
And your flippers are great, but now it's too warm to wear it.

Ana said...

well, with this crazy changeable weather, i could really use them in the evenings right now :)

Elena Solonina said...

hot summer is coming soon :)