Sunday, May 25, 2014

Iowa, USA

I have realized that it's been a long long ago since I have posted an Iowa card here...more precisely here comes one to give it the place it deserves...I just started to wonder if I really lack Iowa cards in my collection..


I received this one as an official back in 2012, showing, as the back of the card says, an Iowa Evening Glow.

Iowa is a thriving agricultural state, but one can still find examples of a simpler time while travelling picturesque rural backroads.
If you are asking me, I can just imagine it is too hot there for my taste...though I may be wrong..

I dont often see the Northern Goshawk on stamps, so it is nice to have it here...issued in 2012 in a set of 5 Birds of Prey stamps...George know him...


Bryon D said...

I have only been to Iowa a few times and fortunately never when it was hot. When visiting the small towns there I always thought it tranquil and relaxing, a slower pace than our big cities.

Ana said...

I love that tranquility...esp. since i rarely get to personally experience it...though, small or big town or city, i do not appreciate the heat...ANYWHERE! =)