Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

Well, one more card for today that came as a swap a Mexican guy had organized for some high-school students...always nice to show the world to young people :)

Mine came from the 16 year old Jorge, who sent me this absolutely gorgeous card of Lagos de Moreno, located in the utmost northeastern part of the Mexican state of Jalisco
Lagos de Moreno is called by Mexicans, with some hyperbole, the "Athens of Jalisco" because of the numerous writers and poets who were born there
And if Im not mistaken, this thing lurking behind the bushes/trees is a baroque cathedral...while on the left, you can see a bridge...however, there are no information on the card so Im just relying on pictures from the net...

the stamp was issued in 2013 in a set of 5 "Philatelic Promotion" stamps and on this one you can see the painting La danza de la media luna (or 'dance of the half moon' by the Mexican artist Francisco Eppens  Helguera, painted in 1984.

Well, that would be all for today..Im honestly a bit shaken from the events tonight, so maybe the last two posts werent so extensive or talkative...but more next time...if something else doesn't strike us till then...ok, some dark sense of humour there..:)

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Gem from Calgary said...

That is one nice stamp. actually 2 stamps, but still nice