Friday, January 17, 2014

Jamestown, St. Helena

well as I promised you last time, I tried not to take too long before revealing that other great new country in my collection...and voila, here I am show you this fantastic big card, that arrived written and stamped, from that most extraordinary place on Earth - St. Helena!

Yaay! Yaay!! Yaay!! Was soooo overwhelmed to find this in my mailbox! Another of those, who-would-have-thought-I-will-one-day-receive-a-written-and-stamped-card-from countries!! And it is such an awesome and HUGE card! absolutely love it!! and my warmest thank-yous to Chris the postcard fairy! He visits such cool places on this planet!
The card shows Jamestown as seen from Rupert's Ridge, ans says as well, 'Nestled in a steep sided valley is the island's capital Jamestown, with a population of 640'.
When I started with postcrossing, I received my first card from St. Helena, but blank in an envelope...however, it also shows Jamestown, from a different angle, so you may take a peak

well, I must admit that when compared, that older one is somewhat what ive been enduring here due to the overall lack of sunshine...the card above, is warmer...and yep, it is cos of the sunshine...and it makes such a difference...must admit though that yesterday, some kind of miracle it wasn't all clear and spring kind of sunny...but yep, there was sunshine, and yep i took my Hippy Happy out of the basement, and boy, life felt sooo good! Of course, today we are back to the gloomy foggy reality...

what Chris had to say about the card :Greetings from St. Helena in the South Atlantic (uhhh, does this sound good!), where the Brits exiled Napoleon in 1815; home of the world's oldest living creature, Jonathan the Giant Tortoise (age 180). You only get here by ship, the RMS St Helena.

and look at those stamps on the back! lovely!! the fish stamp is from a set of 12 definitives issued in 2008, representing marine life. here you can see the Deepwater Bullseye. That other stamp at the bottom right corner, is from a set of 4 Christmas stamps issued in 2010. Isnt that cool?!!! A Christmas stamp where instead of snow, and Santa and Christmas trees, you see some flowers and beautiful nature?!! I just love love love it!

Thank you so soo much Chris!!

Now I wonder which country will I cross out next, and who will be responsible for that =)


TravellingPostcard said...

wow! very rare card, a gem in your collection (now i go to be jealous for the rest of the day)

Ana said...

for the rest of the day only? boy, i have to try harder :P

well...with what is coming up next....*wink* *wink* *wink*

Maria Kristina Maano said...

Wow! You do get postcards from rare places. How lucky!

Hawwa said...

You're really lucky. I guess there are not so many people travelling to St. Helena...!

Burgh House said...

You can find more postcards of St. Helena at!