Friday, January 17, 2014


the following card arrived from Milda last know I love flags, and slowly Im adding new ones to my collection

and you know, the Greek one is so marine..just like the country itself...this is exactly like those beautiful white island houses, with blue roofs and blue wooden im pretty sure the Greeks didnt pick the colours of their flag based on that, but it does have some analogies...

well some basic facts about the Greek flag say that it was adopted on
22 December 1978, and that it consists of nine horizontal stripes, in turn blue and white; a white cross on a blue square field in canton.
The nine stripes are said to stand for the nine syllables of the Greek patriots' motto: Ελευθερια η Θανατος (Eleutheria ê Thanatos), meaning "Freedom or Death". This motto is now the national motto of Greece.

so much of the white-blue houses =)

Milda uses some awesome stamps on the card!
All three were issued in 2013. The middle one comes from a set of three stamps commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Ioannina.
The stamp on the right is from a set of four stamps, representing the Award-winning Greek Cinema, while the ship stamp is from a set of 6 sailing stamps. Love them all!

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