Monday, January 20, 2014

Lovatnet Lake, Norway

The last choice for today fell on Norway...beautiful and breathtaking as always!

This beauty arrived last year from my dear Sissel fairy! So great to hear from her again!

It shows this fantastic, calming view of the Lovatnet Lake, located in the vicinity of the village of Loen.
The water from the lake flows down from the mountains, especially from the Jostedalsbreen and Tindefjellbreen glaciers. It then flows out through the Loelva river into the Nordfjorden.
No more words are necessary...just enjoy the beauty of the image...

two great stamps, issued in a set of 4 in 2012, representing Norwegian popular music. Here you have Sondre Lerche on the right ( a Norwegian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist), and Morten Abel (a Norwegian pop artist, and one of Norway's best-selling domestic artists).
Wouldn't complain if they issued a Morten Harket stamp! My childhood love and for me still, one of the sexiest and most charming and charismatic men...ever!!

Thank you so much again dear Sissel!

And thank you all for reading! Wishing you a great Monday and great week ahead!

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