Monday, January 13, 2014

Cincinnati Museum Center, USA

damn blogger is again causing me troubles and often doesn't want to save the post until i try for like zillion times...grrrrr!!
I hope it manages for at least two posts before I give him a break...though with such behaviour twice in a row, it doesnt really deserve it.

This card came as a surprise from Laura for this Surprise me group on Facebook! It is a really cool one, but the postal service has made sure none of my surprise cards to have arrived so far, despite some being sent at the end of November/beginning of December! I hate that Christmas chaos...add the Macedonian postal service to it, and there you have lost mail or missing mail or endlessly delayed mail..ugh!! So im starting to feel really guilty now with so many cards not having reached destinations yet =/

Anyways, on the back of the card it says: Cincinnati's magnificent art deco style railroad terminal building, now the home of Cincinnati Museum Center, was dedicated on March 31, 1933.
(im a bit confused with the word 'dedicated' here...does it make sense in that sentence? is something missing? Im really not sure I get it right....*feeling embarrassed*

it is a cool Forever stamp in the Christmas spirit, showing an Evergreen wreath.

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