Monday, January 13, 2014

Pulteney Point Lighthouse, Canada

last card for today again comes from Glenn (well, we began the update with a card from him, so let's end it in the same manner =))

this amazing view comes from the Canadian Malcolm Island (Northern Vancouver Island), and if you take a better look, you will see the Pulteney Point Lighthouse.
Pulteney Point marks the separation of Broughton and Queen Charlotte Straits. The island and point were named in 1846 by Commander George T. Gorden of the HMS Comorant after Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, a Scottish born British Naval Officer.
Kwakiutl legend tells that their ancestors watched the island rise up out of the water and that someday it would return to its watery grave. For this reason, while the Kwakiutl used the cedar from the island for masks and totem poles, they never inhabited it.
The Pulteney Point Lighthouse, a square, wooden building with a square lantern rising from the center of its roof, exhibited a light at a height of thirty-eight feet above high water. The fixed white seventh-order dioptric light was lit for the first time on September 12, 1905.

There is a really nice and interesting but rather long story behind this lighthouse, so if you want to read the rest of it, just click here

Glenn used some really awesome stamps! Just wondering...when did the Canadian post stop printing the year of issue on the stamp itself? Makes it harder to track them down, but I was lucky this time, cos it turns out they were issued in 2013 and that is the first year I checked :)
and they come from a mini sheet of four stamps, representing Canadian Recording Artists. So cool! Love them!!

Thanks so much again Glenn!

And thank you all for reading! Curious which is that other new country? Well stay tuned and keep following the posts here...and I promise I won't take too long to kill the suspension =)

wishing you all a nice week ahead!


Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, I was going to say that this was a nice card, then I kept reading and found out that I had sent it.That is too funny. Take care,

Bryon D said...

I have been to Vancouver Island many times, incredibly beautiful place. I've not been to the north end of the Island however so will have to add that to my travel list. Gorgeous postcard! Love the new stamps too.

Ana said...

Hahah, so I definitely need to put this one on places I must visit =)