Sunday, December 29, 2013

9 Million Bicycles...or just Hippy Happy =)

Ok, since I started with bragging, let's do a bit more of it :D I guess someone's gonna hate me by the end of today :)

Anyways, as some of you may know again, I LOVE my bicycle, due to which I actually started collecting bicycle postcards. However, for a while now I've been thinking of getting a new bike cos mine feels like it is saving its last breaths sometimes to get from A to it is a mountain bike, more suitable for men...I wanted more of a girl kind of bike so I can ride it even with a skirt on...I had this idea of getting a red or a black one...until one day I saw one that captured my heart...and few months later, became MINE!! Yup, I got myself a new bike last Thursday and I so much love love love it! (Those who are on Facebook have probably seen it already :))Well, that is one of the reasons why I won't be travelling for the holidays now (so sorry, no surprise postcards from me =/) There will be other opportunities to travel and torture your mailboxes...but for now I want you to meet Hippy Happy! (yep, that's how I named it, cos it seriously, the name is just soo suitable!)

isn't it just lovely? =))))

I can hardly wait for the weather to get better so I can ride it more often...Im rather limited with all this rain and fog and stuff....ahh happiness!!

and well, as a part of the post, for pure pleasure for the bike lovers, here are a bunch of bike cards I received during this year...I think that mine is still the loveliest :P

Yup, exactly! Me + bike = happy =)

Just a few thank-yous to some of the bike-cards contributors that you've seen above...hugs to Agi, Nataša, Svea, Jolly, Natalia, Helena, Jane, Katja, Galina, Stefanie, Andrea, Ksenia, Sasha, Viktoria, Marieke, Jenny, Carmen, Karolina, Irina...

Hopefully from January on Ill go back with my new bike to the Critical mass organized here in Skopje...that's a feeling one of a kind...hundreds of bikers together on the streets of Skopje =)

Pic and video from two different I attended few months ago =) (I feel like im becoming really self-centred =)) (In case someone's interested I appear from 1:39 - 1:41 in the video)


Anu said...

Your bike is GORGEOUS! Hope you'll get to ride it a lot this year :) Darn, I miss my bike in Finland...

..and those postcards are lovely as well :)

Ana said...

Thanks Anu! Despite the terrible fog, I did have a few rides this year...but still am eagerly waiting for that beautiful spring to blend in with it =)