Sunday, December 29, 2013


well let's go back to some normal cards, a.k.a where you won't be seeing ME anymore :P
though this one may cause some envy cos you don't get to see Bonaire cards so often, sent from there :)

I got this one thanks to Glenn as a part of his cruise this year...or as he calls it, the B of the ABC Islands. Ha, that's a cool way to name them and not until now I have actually thought of them as the ABC Islands.
Well, I guess I'll have to cover the A and the C soon...yep, Glenn went there as well and was kind and generous to drop me some surprises :)
Actually if Im not mistaken, this is my first Bonaire card on the blog since it got its dissolution from the Netherlands Antilles in 2010. Now it is a special municipality within the Netherlands.

I wonder if those houses in the background serve some purpose..cos I can see no windows at all...just some kind of hole in the front that doesn't even look like a door...

the stamp is from a set of 4 sailboats' stamps issued in 2012 (this one is called the Optimist)

thanks a lot again Glenn!!

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