Sunday, December 29, 2013

Waving to Saturn...can you find me? :D

Hello hello! Foggy Saturday evening here...just came back from the theatre..watched a really good but really sad and touching play and am still under the impressions...and since it is rather late to be doing some cleaning around, it is more wisely to do an update here, don't you think? :)

And I will start today's update with some space cards cos I wanted to share something with you all, in a link somewhere below :)

As some of you know, at the beginning of the year, ok, precisely in March, I signed up for a beginners' course in Astronomy..I didn't really plan day a friend of mine had posted about it on Facebook, got me interested, and I love trying out new stuff and I decided to give this a try...and I am more than glad I did.

It wasn't really easy, cos there is lots of math and physics stuff and my brain is simply NOT programmed in that is more of a social sciences brain, but still... I did learn a lot and in a way have the basis to continue learning more...of course, I passed the exam, though papers do not really mean much to me..and eventually became part of the Astronomical Society here in Skopje, which gave me the opportunity to meet great people and be part of some really cool events!

I missed the Gemenids meteor shower that happened very recently, mainly cos it was way too cold and the whole observation was scheduled for 2 am, to last till 5 am, in an area outside Skopje...I do have my regrets now, but I just really wasn't up for August though, I did spend 5 days at our beautiful Prespa Lake for the observation of the Perseid meteor shower and that was one of the most fantastic experiences despite I was really really reluctant about going cos of a number of reasons...

Anyways, what I actually wanted to talk about today was an event that happened this July 19, when the whole world was waving to Saturn! It was the day when the Earth smiled =)
To get more familiar with the event, you can read this article The Day the Earth smiled

Aaaaaaaaandddd....of course, our Astronomical Society did mark this event, and the outcome is this cool video, which few days ago was published on the website of Universe Today! Yippiee!!

Here is the video...can you see ME waving? :P

and this is the article along with the video published on the Universe Today

it may sound like a crazy idea, waving to Saturn, but it was just über cool! :)))

Special thanks to Bryon for surprising me with that Saturn postcard...came so perfect for such an update :)

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agi said...

in the world of astrology saturn is a tough bugger, but it sure looks awesome :)