Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teotihuacan, Mexico

Well for quite some time I've been having this idea of making an update with some cards from my trips...coz yeah, sometimes I do remember to also send myself a card =) And well, here comes my first attempt of this kind...cards with stories...and cards I eventually always wonder, why have I sent myself THIS card out of so many others? But well I guess that's when I least have the idea what I already have in my collections...but at least I still haven't sent myself the exact double card :)
Btw, I got really frustrated again with Photobucket...it is a whole week left till the end of the month and I already received that stupid email of having exceeded my bandwidth?!!!! How, oh HOW come all of a sudden it is exceeded every single month when I never ever experienced it before??  What the hell has happened with Photobucket? Anyone from PB cares to answer? hm?? coz right now I am one really dissatisfied and rather pissed of user of your services...just so you know :)

Ok, now down to the cards...I will start this update with a card from my last summer's trip to Mexico...the trip that was waiting to happen for years, finally did...for better or for worse...but here I sent myself a card from the pyramids of Teotihuacan...one very cool place and a must visit if you happen to be somewhere near by..

well, my trip to Teotihuacan happened on a Sunday...a day which turned to have a free entrance for all Mexican residents...the man at the door asked Diego (who was with me) where we were coming from...he answered...and seems that I looked like a Mexican somehow coz the man didn't question me anything..and I entered for free as well .something I paid for somewhat later...the deed had to be punished

the place here is vast, with two pyramids you can climb on, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon...at the Avenue of the Dead...the climbing and the descending are a bit tricky on both...but you can climb to the top, unlike Chichen Itza for example
First we climbed the Moon pyramid...walked around...took pictures...bought some souvenirs too...and then waited in line to climb the Sun pyramid...and while waiting, nothing foretold us how it would all end...
The climbing on this one was a bit slower, due to the long queue of people ahead...but it was going pretty well...until we just got to the top...that's when the Gods of the Sun and the Moon and the whole damn Universe made me pay for having entered for free when I wasn't eligible for a free entrance. They sent a  thunderstorm! A huuuuuuugeeeeee thunderstorm! With the cloud just above your head...while you are damn stuck at the top of one of the largest buildings in whole Mesoamerica at a height of 70 something metres...and you can't go down, coz it is all just crowded with people who are all stuck just like you, and everyone is either kneeling down or in any other way trying to protect himself from the harsh winds and rain...and you just see umbrellas and hats flying around! it was terrible! just terrible! One of the rare moments when I was literally petrified about my life! While feeling the harsh raindrops over my bare skin (the cloud was so near us that it felt like stone needles are hitting against you), I was starting to think how Im gonna make it the news...she went to Mexico on a holiday, but didn't make it back home..and seriously, I am not exaggerating...at times I was wondering if it was maybe better to jump (?!!!) or just stay there at the mercy of the Aztec Gods. I don't know how long it all lasted....felt like forever...and I thought it was never going to end...and ruined the moment of having a picture taken...waving...while feeling like you are at the top of the world...once the rain somewhat stopped, all anyone could think of was to go down...a veeeeryyyyyy slow process coz you have all these stuck people...and then you have these slippery stairs...and the stairs are like three times the size of a normal stair...so it is not like you can just run your way down...and on top of that, you are shaking coz you are freezing...and of course, have no extra clothes for a changeover...so if this was the way to make sure I'll never forget the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, then it certainly worked!
Well, back then, it felt really scary...but I must say that on the other hand Im glad it happened...made it all more adventurous and rather unique...what made me laugh was, as we were leaving, there was this kid who was all crying coz the storm had freaked him out...and his mum comforted him with 'awww, come on, it was just like few drops of rain'...for the love of God woman, that was just a few drops of rain for you?

well, to commemorate the aftermath....the expression on my face says it all...and yeah, on that picture is the reason why for years I was whining about Mexico, and the reason why I should have gone back there...unfortunately, wasn't aware at all that, that was the beginning of the end, and that from that moment on, nothing will ever be the same, and that things will go downhill, until the point of no return and the impossibility to fix things..but that's how life is....I guess everything happens for a reason, even though not always we can understand that...

I like the clear cancellation the Mexican Postal Service used on the cards I sent...and all were mailed at the main post office in D.F...and they also had nice stamps...can't say there was a big variety, but this is one of the rare cases when I manage  to get something that is not a plain definitive or so (talking about the stamp on the left). It was issued in 2009 in a set of 5 Wild Lands' stamps, and this one here shows the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Russia, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (odd to see something Russian on a Mexican stamp must admit).
The other stamp is from a set of 12 definitives issued in 2011


agi said...

stvarno koja avantura! a znači to je taj tipus...i priča ti isto završila ka i meni :(( al' imamo mi još fore ;)

ilyani said...

SO happy for you!! (well, I was one of the curious people ;P) nevermind what comes next but hey, YOU HAVE BEEN TO MEXICO!!

yep, everything happens for a reason.. usually a better one.

Ana said...

Agi, baš sam se tebe setila kad sam pisala ovo...ehh, to je to..nije nam bilo pisano...imaju ti latino momci neki problem sa sobom...ali ide život dalje :) nismo mi još za bacanje :P

Lyan! so glad to see you around! I've missed you girl! Yeah, at least I've been there, and I am happy for that :) hugs to you girl!

Jason Villegaz said...

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