Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tartu, Estonia

I decided to end today's update with this Estonian card

I've already written about Tartu, and here now we have these two cool may be recognizing the guy on the of my all time favourite writers...Oscar Wilde!! While across is an Estonian writer called Eduard Vilde...and this installation is actually called "Two Wildes" and its author is some guy called Tiiu Kirsipuu.
These two have never met, but Tiiu seems to have been inspired by their similar last name and by the fact that they also lived at about the same time. Oscar lived from 1854-1900, while Eduard from 1865 till 1933.
I've never read something by the latter and I don;t know if some of his works can be found in English here (im like more than sure it is a no-no when it comes to Macedonian). But I would really like to read something coming from his pen...and if you have some particular book to recommend, would be happy to hear about it :)
Btw, I think I have whined before about the kitschy Skopje 2014 Project...and statues and monuments are a great part of it...makes my teeth cringe, for many reasons...if you care to see more and be all WTF, just click here...and I cant help it but make comparisons...the above pictures invokes admiration...the project in my hometown...erm, definitely a descriptive word that should be censored =)
But at least the tourists often have a good laugh about it, wondering where's the sense in all that...unfortunately, I do not have the answer...I just am appalled and frustrated.

and a stamp from this year's EUROPA theme of postal vans...Estonia issued two stamps for this occasion.

well, off to seize the rest of the day =)

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