Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Salzburg, Austria

Well, Easter was another good opportunity to get on the bus and head somewhere...not so far from our NY destination..

Prior to this, it was only Vienna that I've been to when it comes to Austria..and I was really looking forward to this trip coz, I dont know if I have told you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vienna..and Salzburg didn't impress me any less! Such a lovely charming town! It is nothing grand or so, around 150,000 people live here...but it is a town that captures you with its modesty...and that 'feeling in the air' that some places simply have!
Famous as Mozart's birthplace of course...and its awesome Mozartkugeln. I only bought a half kilo box...having in mind how exquisitely delicious they are, half a kilo is just nothing...but being it was our first day on the trip, I had to be a bit more reasonable about money :P
Unfortunately we only had one day to spend in Salzburg...so it is one of those times when you want to do everything in just a few hours...but at least I did go to the Mozart cafe and indulged into this delicious Mozart cake ....and left with one of the coolest souvenirs, this super cool umbrella :D

well I had the exact same view while writing the cards...such a cool way to enjoy the view all over Salzburg!
And speaking of cards...geez...I found this place which had some kind of discount, so I bought cards there...but when I asked for stamps, the lady didn't have any...and ok, no problem..Ill look for someplace else...just that all those someplaces else, sold stamps only if you bought postcards as well, and I was all %_(#+_$)#+_%($)...the post office was anything but near, and in general, it was a choice between going to the post office and going up the hill...reason prevailed and we went to the hill...there was a shop up there as well...and as we were about to leave, i was like, nah I have nothing to lose, let me ask...so I asked for stamps...and there was this kind lovely lady inside, who did give me stamps without having to buy postcards! I will be eternally thankful for that! Don't remember the name of the shop, but if anyone ever happens to go there, please give her my biggest thank yous! She saved me!

I wanted to buy some extra cards in the evening, coz I just bought and sent a few...but the evening decided to play against us...we were situated a bit away from Salzburg....and it was already like 9 pm when we wanted to leave, and had the last bus back to the hotel around 11...so it just wasn't really feasible, unless we wanted to only take a bus-round tour..plus it was pouring, so we spent the evening at the hotel lobby instead...and tasted some nice Austrian wine...at least thats what the waiter said, and whenever I go somewhere I ask for some domestic wines to try...

Im not gonna complain about the choice of stamps this time..this is all the lady had, and if it wasn;t for her, there would have been no Salzburg postcards...so for those of you who received Salzburg, say thanks to the lady as well :)
it is from a set of 3 Modern Architecture stamps issued in 2012


And as with Lago di Garda, here are some Salzburg cards received...this one arrived as an official few months ago (after I visited Salzburg) and I was so happy to receive it coz it brought back memories :)
The card shows the Mirabell Gardens...something I didn't manage to visit...hmmmm, is this a good excuse to go back? :P

the stamp was issued this year and is called, Multiple Simplicity Artwork

And another blank card here...though I think this one came from a swap...however, I can't tell if it was 2009 or 2010...and Salzburg in winter is just soooooooooooo beautiful!! With everything covered in white! Ahhhhh! I would so much want to visit it again, for a few days, to have it all more relaxing...and have enough time to see places..and try new cakes and stuff :P

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