Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The visit to Salzburg was our stop to the main destination, and that was Munich...and while in Munich, you have to visit the Bavarian castles as well, including the most famous one, and that is Neuschwanstein.

the whole place is really dreamy...and probably has the least kitchy interior of all the three castles we entered (the other two being Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof)
They are just extraordinary with beautiful gardens and surroundings, but I guess Disney had its reason when he picked Neuschwanstein as his inspiration
I won't go into details about the castle, I've already posted about it once...however, the day we visited the castles was one of the most amazing, and most tiring in my life...having driven through the breathtaking nature of Austria (yeah, that's the road we took in order to get from Neuschwanstein to Linderhof) and having seen the castles...and what I couldn't do in Switzeland, I did it here...when you gather the amounts of chocolate and stuff I bought from both Austria and Germany, I went back home with like 5 or so kilos of chocolate...thank God they didn't check my bags at the border...I would have had lot of explaining to do :P

I still don't know why I mailed myself a Neuschwanstain card when I already have a few...but at least this is my first one covered in snow :D

sending the cards was a bit confusing with those German mailboxes, but thank God I nailed it right...the stamp is just a regular flower one, a definitive issued in 2011.

 i received this other Neuschwanstain card from dear Tanja as a RAS, back in 2009...do you see those amazing woods and mountains in the back?!!

btw, in case you go here, you will get the most amazing view from Marienbrücke. It is not so far from the castle, maybe just a bit steep and tiring to get there, but trust me, it will be worth every single calorie you spend on your way there!

here we have another flower defintiive, this one issued in 2008. The other stamp is from 2009, showing the Leipzig University.

so that would be all for today...hope to see you soon with another nice and cool update...till then, stay well :)

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