Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Milan, Italy

Our main stop for the New Year holidays was Milan...

....from where I mailed this card showing the Navigli canals...which btw we didn't get to see...that is the risk of going with a travel agency...they other give you the best for your money or fuck things up (sorry for the bad language but sometimes it is inevitable)...and here of course happened the latter..but at least I can see the canals on a card :D
As for Milan...well, can't say I was THAT much impressed as other people are...maybe coz of the circumstances in general...but I have had better New Year celebrations, that's for sure...at least I haven't been running for my life...and that is what happened exactly in Milan on New Year's eve...if you wanted to get yourself alive out of that minefield, you didn't have much choice but RUN and hide in the first open place...in our case it happened to be a restaurant, with waiters from everywhere but Italy...including a drunk one, who was just so hillarious...i think he was Russian..and then this nice cute one who took the situation in his hands...think he was from Ecuador...yeah, there IS something indeed about those Latin American guys

what I have written on this card as a memory..."We are having a 5 euro espresso and a 7 euro cappuccino at "Bar Si". Not the cheapest coffee I have had...but the atmosphere was really nice and cozy and just next to the window, so it was cool to be observing all those passers by in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery

stamps...same as above...what a variety, eh =/

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