Saturday, July 6, 2013

Savica Waterfall, Slovenia

A great card coming from Sean and his recent trip to Slovenia.

Bohinj is one of those places in Slovenia you probably can never get tired has its beauty spots just all around it! The Savica waterfall/spring is one of those beauty spots. It runs over a 38 m long level and falls almost 51 m in depth and is considered as one of the most famous and most beautiful waterfall in the country.

On a side note, since I've already written and written about Bohinj before, you can check out this cool post by Sean, called, "10 Random Observations About Slovenia" on Gadling. Seems that number 6 is something really more like a habit on the Balkans, which foreigners find amusing...and I don't know if Italians find it appalling actually :)
And later, just click on Sean's name, and it will take you to all his other posts about his travels...there is something for everyone;s interest and entertainment :)

I guess you know the flower stamp from 2007, showing the Saw-wort :)

thanks sooo much again Sean!!

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