Saturday, July 6, 2013

Açores, Portugal

My last card for today is something which to me at first, second, third glance looks like a lighthouse..but is actually a windmill :)

It is a great maxi-card, showing a nice windmill on the Portuguese island of Açores and Maria, who sent me this one, says that the windmills are something very typical of the island. If I got the translation right, this one is the Revolving wooden mill (or it would be rotary, im not sure)
In 2007, 6 windmills maxi-cards were issued...and now im not sure if this maxi card would have also arrived without the stamps on the back, coz I think the postage does suffice....

Maria used two stamps...the left one comes from a set of six stamps issued in 2012, representing Traditional Festivals, while the other one is an Açores stamp from a set of 7 stamps issued in 2011, representing the Whaling Heritage of Açores.

well, that would be all for today...glad to be back...well, always glad to be back since I seem to have such absences more and more often.

Enjoy your weekend guys!!

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