Saturday, July 6, 2013

Māori Concert Group, New Zealand

A great official I received some months ago from New Zealand.


the card shows the Māori Concert Group, New Zealand's award winning Māori cultural group at Te Puia. (thats a place in NZ in case it got you confused).

I read that there are a number of movies featuring the Māori culture...I don't know how relevant they are, but I think I'll make a few downloads here, so next time I post a Māori card, I can give you some insights or impressions from these case some of  you would be interested as well, here are the movies listed regarding the subject...maybe some will catch your attention and interest.

Utu, Ngati, Boy, Whale Rider, Once Were Warriors.

some overlapping cancellations here, over two nice stamps...the lighthouse, at the top, was issued in 2012, as a definitive in a set of 5 stamps, and it shows the Cape Reinga lighthouse, while the stamp below it is a definitive from 2007, from a set of 7 stamps and it shows us Lake Colerdige.

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Heather said...

Whale rider and boy are good movies. Boy will show you some typical country living maori people (very much like where I grew up) and whale rider will each you some maori legend (they're very iteresting usually). Once were warriors (and it's follow up-what becomes of the broken hearted) are extremely violent. To the point where some people got up and left the cinema during the screening. Think wife beatings and rapes.

Because I grew up in a very maori populated town, I belonged to a maori culture group. I learnt all the commands for maori singing and dancing and I can use poi's (and make them) and do maori stick dancing too. In fact, my costume was nearly identical to the one on this card! If you would like to see it in action, I invite you to youtube this phrase: poi-e patea maori club and if you want a modern day glimpse, check this out: which is polyfest in NZ where highschools fight it out for best overall performane in maori dance. The less famous version of maori dance is stick dancing (you can also youtube that) which is fun and can be taught to kids. I learnt it growing up too.

Heather...your New Zealand friend living in Australia lol.