Saturday, July 6, 2013

Atlanta, USA

Next comes a fantastic train card from one of my dear mailbox usurpers coming under the pseudo of Bryon...well, I have nothing against mailbox usurpers, so Im not at all complaining :P

and what a fantastic, absolutely fantastic card this is!! Love love love it! A bluuuuueeee train! Doesnt it look so gorgeous and handsome?!!
The back of the card says that this is the Blue Zephyr, that is just one of the trains available to provide visitors a scenic ride around the base of Stone Mountain Park.
Btw, Im far from a train expert, just a train fan, but Im glad that some people do see me that way...I guess I should indeed work more on my expertise...

How did Bryon find all these stamps i have no idea, but they are all definitely new to me, and more than glad to have them now :)
The one at the very right and the top small one are from this year..the flag is from a set of 4 "Flag for all seasons" stamps, while the big one is from a set of 12 stamps representing Modern art in America, 1913-1931. '

Thank you my mail usurper...i totally LOVE this one! :)

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